Innocent or Guilty? YOU decide at The Murder Trial Live

Are you a true crime buff who is patiently waiting for your call to jury duty?  Well have we got just the thing for you…

By Manchester's Finest | 18 January 2019

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If you have ever wonder what it is like to sit on a jury on a high profile murder case, to asses evidence and convict a criminal now is your chance. For the first time in history, a murder trial is going on tour.

Become a member of a jury (after a slap-up meal with your fellow jurors) where the decision on the verdict will, quite literally, be yours.

Working with a team of leading criminal barristers the completely accurate murder trial will unravel right before your eyes.

The defendant, Mr Frank Lane, will be called to the stand. Frank is currently in police custody awaiting trial and is charged with the murder of his wife Alison Lane. Her body has not yet been found.

Mr & Mrs Lane were married for 20 years and Mr Lane owned several businesses including a coach and haulage firm as well as a small agricultural plant. Alison went missing in March 2017 had has never been heard of since.

For the first time ever outside of the legal system, you will experience the theatre and debate of the UK justice system. You will watch the prosecution and defence barristers lead you through the evidence which will be laid out to you systematically.

As a Jury, you’ll then retire to debate and decide the evidence put before you before reaching a decision… innocent or guilty you decide…

The Murder Trial Live is produced by the ITAE Group, the award-winning producers of sell-out UK tour Anatomy Lab LIVE and The VIVIT Experience who recently featured on BBC Dragons’ Den securing investment from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones.

This exclusive event has limited availability with one Manchester date on Sunday 19th May.


Murder Trial Live
The Jury Experience

Venue: Village Hotel Manchester Ashton
Date: Sunday 19th May
Time: 6 pm – 10 pm
Cost: From £69.88

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