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Last week we headed down to try out a popular Breakout room and we’ve got a challenge for the rest of Manchester… Can you beat us?

By Alex Watson | 26 September 2019

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I’m gonna tell you from the off – NO you can’t.

Reclassified is Breakout’s only room that is completely mirrored, meaning 2 separate teams go head to head in one green room and one blue to get out as fast as possible. The pressure is added that you can hear the other team celebrating and see them through a sneaky window.

We headed down one Monday morning to kick off the day with a light bit of team building, arguing and most importantly, winning. 

As Manchester’s Finest resident Breakout expert, I was excited to give this room a go. I’ve heard many things about but never had the chance to give it a try. The concept is great, and an absolute winner of an idea for any kind of work do. 

Reclassified is a 4-star room and it is actually surprisingly hard. So difficult in fact, only around 20% of people actually breakout.

We took our chances though, and got out, obviously. C’mon, I was there. 

The aim of this game is to pass your last class of ‘Spy School’ through a series of riddles and puzzles. There are 8 boxes to open with the last one revealing the final clue to open the door to freedom.

You can see how the opposing team is getting on by 8 lights on the wall, flashing red each time they open a box. No pressure like. I’m joking – I felt the pressure. I like winning, ok?!

We moved pretty fast, opening 2 boxes within the first 10/15 minutes but we pretty swiftly hit a lull that took us a while to get out of. You need to make sure someone has a steady hand too, something we all struggled with. Maybe it’s all the booze we collectively drink as an office? Maybe.

I won’t give too much away, but there are all sorts of things happening in this room, from cameras to UV and I was pretty bloody impressed by it all. 

We had 9:58 to spare on our room, finding all 8 boxes with only 3 clues from the Breakout gods. We actually bloody smashed it, if I do say so myself. 

Now, we’re opening up the room to everyone in Manchester. Do you think you can beat us?

Book NOW and see if you can’t, because hand on heart – I don’t think you will.


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