Learn Geography with Sir David Attenborough!

You're never too old to learn something from a true national treasure...

By Manchester's Finest | 15 June 2020

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Kids from across the country will have the opportunity to learn geography from Sir David Attenborough this week as a set of inspiring and engaging lessons go live in the BBC Bitesize platform.

Taking place this Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th, students aged 5-11 years old will be taught by Sir David as he encourages them to look at the world around them.

Attenborough’s geography lessons will take place across BBC Bitesize Daily Primary, available on BBC iPlayer and Red Button from 9am. The lesson on the 16 June will also be available on BBC Bitesize Daily Online as part of a wider geography lesson.

On Bitesize Daily Primary 5-7 Year Olds will be given a whistle-stop tour of the seven continents and what makes them so unique. On Bitesize Daily Primary 7-9 Year Olds will learn about the equator and for the older primary school years, they will be taught about the importance of maps to explore their surroundings.

A second lesson from the country’s most famous geography teacher will be aired on Thursday 18 June. Then later in the month (30 June) Sir David will be teaching primary school students all about dinosaurs and fossils as part BBC Bitesize Science Week.

Commenting on joining the BBC’s virtual school, Sir David Attenborough said: “I am delighted to be teaching primary school children across the country about the things I am passionate about. I hope children will learn something new about animals, oceans and dinosaurs, and feel inspired by my BBC Bitesize lessons.”

What are the lessons?

The lessons will be available on BBC Bitesize Daily, available weekday mornings on the Red Button and BBC iPlayer and are the following:

Bitesize Daily Primary – Tuesday 16th June

5-7 Year Olds: The World. Continents.
7-9 Year Olds: The World. Latitude and Climate.
9-11 Year Olds: The World. Maps.

Bitesize Daily Primary – Thursday 18th June

5-7 Year Olds: Oceans. Migration.
7-9 Year Olds: Oceans. Weather Patterns.
9-11 Year Olds: Oceans. Currents, weather and fish.