Learn How to play EVERY Card Game EVER!

It's time you taught yourself something other than Snap!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 28 April 2020

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Did you bring the cards?

Sick Boy:

The cards, the last thing I told you was to mind the cards!

Sick Boy:
Well, I’ve not brought them.

It’s f***ing boring after a while without the cards.

Sick Boy:
I’m sorry.

Bit f***ing late, like.

Ahh a pack of cards. No journey, holiday or drunken evening is the same without them. But how many games do you actually know?

Sure, every single person in the world knows Rummy, but what about Go Fish? Cabo? Rikken?

There are literally hundreds of different ways to play with a pack of cards and so I introduce you to ‘Stay & Play‘ – a website that’s been created to teach you how to play as many of them as is physically possible – from Spanish games of ‘La Pocha‘ to the classic ‘Horserace‘ – they’ve got the lot.

Don’t bother trying any of the foreign ones though – unless you can speak the language and have some of their cards – because they’re not actually the same. They are actually really different depending on what country your cards are from.

I also just found out that due to probability and maths and all that, every time you shuffle a deck of cards, that combination of cards will never have or ever will exist ever again in the history of the Universe. Mind blown.

Anyway, if you’re bored during these lockdown days – now is the time to grab that pack of porn cards that you bought “for a laugh” in Magaluf and learn some new games.


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