Lightopia is Offering Discounted Event Tickets From Today

The award-winning Lightopia festival is offering a Christmas gift of 25% discount on event tickets for everyone, from today until the close of Lightopia.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 4 January 2022

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The enchanting light and lantern festival is offering 25% off tickets for its Christmas Fantasy at Heaton Park; the ultimate festive day out, featuring an illuminated trail with magical and multi-sensory interactive lights, lanterns and installations. 

Lightopia 2021 features a fantastical ‘Magic Circus’ display, complete with illusional installations and interactive entertainment.

There is also a Fantasy Forest, an area home to the most extraordinary and mystical animals to uncover. Guests can walk through the enchanted forest and meet mythical creatures hidden in the woodland, including a nine tailed fox and unicorns.

Lightopia Manchester

Other attractions include the Fantasy Universe with a supernova display and bioluminescence plants; Dragon’s Land featuring two huge 40-metre dragons and fabled fairies; Candy Land, a sweet-inspired illuminated dreamland; Fantasy Bees, the trademark Manchester’s bee brought to life in a fantasy world; and the Wonders of the World.

The discount is on event tickets only and not the dining domes.

Use the code XMAS25 at checkout, until Monday 3rd January.

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