How to Make a Martini Properly at Home!

Shaken, not stirred all in the comfort of your own living room.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 5 March 2020

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It’s crazy to think just how ingrained a brand can become into everybody’s lives worldwide. Think Hoover, Tupperware, Sellotape and of course, Martini, all of which are not the actual product, in fact, they are brands.

Think about it – we even ‘Google’ things when we use the search bar on any website.

To delve into Martini is a monstrous task so I’m just going to stop right here and not even going to attempt to do it. I’m going to leave it to the big dogs. The guys who know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to making drinks.

Joe Schofield is an award-winning bartender, who has worked all across the world in some of the best bars. He’s back in Manchester with his brother, Daniel Schofield, with an incredible evening workshop to teach you how to make the perfect martini.

Whether you go shaken, stirred, olive, no olive, a modern-day fruity concoction or any other kind of Martini you can conjure up – these boys will show you how to do it.

They’ll be using their own Vermouth combining that with years of training to teach you a lesson you will not only never forget but means you can show off at your next Christmas party.

Not martinis but equally delicious cocktails you can enjoy in Cultureplex after your class!

What’s more – this lesson will teach you how to make a Martini at home. And by that, we mean with bottle caps, spoons, saucepans and the kitchen sink (well, maybe not quite). You know all the stuff you used to use in Halls making terrible boozy concoctions?

In fact – you probably could make a perfect Martini with the stuff you’d find in Halls after this masterclass. There will be no specially-bought products, no jiggers, shakers, muddlers or strainer, strictly normal kitchen stuff!

So pull up your sleeves, get involved – who knows maybe you’ll look like James Bond after too?!

DIY Martini
with Joe & Daniel Schofield

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When: Monday 9th March 2020
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Where: Cultureplex,
Cost: £20