Manchester's Best Clubs

If there’s one thing we’re very good at in Manchester it’s partying like it’s 1999, until the wee hours, whatever day of the week.

By Manchester's Finest | December 13th '18

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It’s easy to do when there’s so many great clubs on our doorstep, some quite literally open until 10am the next day. In no particular order, here’s our pick of the best ones (at the moment of course)… YES I honestly cannot get enough of YES. The pink room and basement have already seen some pretty excellent gigs, after parties and even one particularly brilliant power ballad night – and there’s definitely more to come. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving. What's On   The White Hotel Tucked away in Salford, The White Hotel is notorious for a crazy weekend rave, but it’s not talked about as much as perhaps many of the other clubs in Manchester. It always seems to have some fantastic lineups, so why not try it out over your usual night out in NQ? What's On   Behind Closed Doors I’m going to go out and say that this hidden club on Oldham Street is probably the best club in the Northern Quarter right now – perhaps even the whole city. Why? Well they just happen to have the best disco and funk soundtrack that you’ll ever hear in here – with a vibe that never fails to want to get you up on the dancefloor (if there was one) or at the very least singing along. The cocktails are fantastic here too. What's On   The Warehouse Project A club so good that every DJ worth his salt had played here or wants to at least. Warehouse Project is in its final year at Store Street whilst the team find a new place to cohabit for many more seasons to come, but it’s been one hell of a wild ride in the UK’s most famous car park. What's On   42’s & The Venue Say what you like about 42’s, I have never ever had a bad night here. Whether you’re looking to spend the night stuck to someone’s sweaty face, want to dance the night away or just get absolutely hammered on £1 bottles of Carslberg – 42s has it all. If it’s good enough for Clint Boon it’s good enough for us. Similarly, The Venue is also excellent, for exactly the same reasons but you’re more likely to hear something a bit different there including some cracking soul, disco and funk on certain nights. 42s What's On Venue What's On   South If it’s good enough for Clint Boon it’s good enough for us. One of the city’s longest standing clubs, South has (quite rightly) become an institution in itself and still continues to bang out some amazing club nights to this day. Not all just indie though, they also put on a few techno nights here and there so there’s a bit of something for everyone. What's On   Hidden Hidden host a vast array of roof parties, garden parties, and every other party in-between all while playing host to some of the biggest and best DJs in the world. With such a limited capacity to this place, it always feels really intimate – just as if you’re having a big mucky night in your own living room. But without the whinging neighbours. What's On   Joshua Brooks Beneath the main bar of Joshua Brooks is one of the best places for a sweaty, dark rave. Ever since Gareth Chubb took over at the beginning of the year, the club nights here have been getting better and better, with the likes of Micron and Lost in Music making regular appearances. You’ll be sure to have a great time no matter what’s on, as well as seeing some serious sweat (and tears) dripping from the ceiling. What's On   Soup Kitchen Not just a restaurant serving up what can only be described as ‘Savoury Water’, Soup Kitchen has managed to carve themselves out a nice little niche in the city, a venue that’s become the number one spot for small, underground raves. There are actually plenty of huge names fighting to play here, and there’s always a packed out calendar. There is quite literally one room, one bar and one bathroom and that is all you need. What's On   The Liars Club Is The Liars Club a club? Well, yeah – just look at the name. The city’s best tiki venue, The Liars Club don’t just rely on strong drinks and fire to keep people coming back – no, they let the music do the talking. There’s always a big host of DJs looking to play here, and they have a great mixture of hip-hop, funk and 90’s R&B on the playlist. What's On   The Deaf Institute Much like it’s sister venue Gorilla, The Deaf Institute is a brilliant place for a night out, full of a massive variety of club nights throughout the year and enough to satisfy anyone. Where The Deaf Institute pips Gorilla though is with Girls On Film – the absolute blast of a night that’s on every Saturday and plays host to all of your favourite 80’s bangers. If you’re ever struggling for somewhere to go – this place never fails. What's On