Manchester's first Shoe Cleaning Boutique is here!

Because who wants to spend their time cleaning their shoes?

By Alex Watson | 28 June 2019

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Sneaker Pharm might just be one of the best inventions at Hatch for summer.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Hatch is a brand spanking new urban retail destination complete with food, drink, lifestyle and plenty more under the Mancunian way bypass down on Oxford Road

It truly is a one-stop shop.

We went down to see the new retail line up which boasts a whole load of stuff, including a DJ school, a barbers and a premium shoe cleaning boutique. 

I was mega intrigued by them all. But the Sneaker Pharm caught my eye the most. There are few things my mum actually tells me off for before I leave the house, one is dirty shoes and the other is chipped nail varnish. So I got my fancy Reeboks cleaned didn’t I! Proud mum? 

Firstly, this store is GORGEOUS! Considering it is in a tiny shipping container, the branding is impeccable complete with a rail of merch T’s. It also smells surprisingly delicious, filled with dried flowers and room diffusers successfully combating any smell of dirty shoes.  

Packages include the Signature Overhaul (from £35) which delicately hand-washes your shoes, removes stains, resets suede, reshapes and can retouch any paint chips.

Sneaker Pharm was born from a passion and love for culture and maybe a sprinkling of OCD. You can see the influence of traditional shoe shiners on the streets of London and modern-day America.

Speaking to the owner of how it all started he speaks of how much people spend on their trainers these days, and how fast fashion is making us throw them all away before they’ve actually had their hay day.

Well not anymore.

Sneaker Pharm is passionate about what they do, increasing trainers life span and look new for loads longer.

They took plenty of care with the shoes while simultaneously chatting away. It made you feel like you wish you’d got coffee or a beer and sat down in the store the whole time.

On the walls are fashion magazines, Yeezy’s, coincidentally the same very pair of shoes I had on, the merch and plenty of room diffusers and candles. Not only do you feel welcome, you actually want to stay in this tiny little space!

You can see the difference just 15 mins did on my little treds so imagine if you got the full deal!

Sneaker Pharm is part of Hatch’s newest retail line up that has seen it triple in size over the last month. There’s something for everyone on the menu with prices starting a £5 up to £40.

Why not bob down for a pint and set up camp barefoot on the benches outside while you get your shoes cleaned?


The New Retail Line Up @ Hatch


10% Discount Code: ‘sneakerfreak’


Hatch 103 Oxford Road, Manchester, United Kingdom