For The Manny | November by the Mancorialist

The skulky bulky Winter garms are almost omnipresent around town, so it’s a pleasure reserved for the Rainman of street photography (or the lesser spotted fashion observers) to find the Christopher Columbus’ of what may be the mainstream styles of next year.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 December 2019

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Whether it be straw hats or tartan kilts, culture is the palette and fashion the paint as the bravest ‘artists’ mix their global influences and stipple our streets. In other words, it’s decent finding someone who wears mad gear.

Unfortunately, the prominence of Homelessness is intensified as the temperature drops and the feeling of frustration is highlighted as you see someone asleep in the doorway of an empty building. One guy who I regularly put the world to rights with has been sleeping on the streets for as long as I’ve been photographing them told me he woke up next to his mate who wasn’t moving, he’d developed hypothermia in the night and had to be rushed to Hospital (bless the NHS) close to death. His parting words were ‘a politician’s promise is like a prostitute’s kiss’.

Bottled It


On Black Friday


He’s Always Stood There


Doggy Bag


Lost Souls






Diamond Back




You May Take My Picture But You May Never Take My Frreeeeddddommmm


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