A New Taste of Thailand opens up in Mackie Mayor

A new, authentic Thai street food restaurant with home-cooking inspired classic dishes is now open.

By Alex Watson | 25 October 2019

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Chilli B by May Wakefield is now open in Mackie Mayor, bringing food straight from the streets of Bangkok to the old Smithfield Market building. This is the first street food stall concept from Chilli B, a company that currently operated a range of the restaurants dotted around South Manchester.

Bringing the restaurant to the city centre and to street food allows for more experimentation with the menus and for regular changes and updates keeping things fresh and exciting.

We popped down earlier today to give some of the new dishes a try. Luckily we got there early as there was already a big queue for the delicious food despite only having the shutters up for 20 mins.

First up a large portion of Drunken Noodles (£12.50). The flat noodles served with chicken, fresh chilli, Thai broccoli and mixed veg all wok fried to give a tasty and spicy dish.

Pad Krapow with a fried egg (£13) a minced chicken in a spicy stir fry and holy basil sauce served with steamed sticky rice and topped with a fried egg.

An aromatic Vegan Green Curry (£11) served with soft butternut squash chunks, plenty of mixed crunchy veggies and a good blob of sticky rice.

Kow Soi (£13) a fragrant yellow curry with egg noodles, chicken, pickled mustard leaves and chilli oil. A really creamy dish with plenty of flavour and a good hint of spice.

We also got two sides, the Thai Fish Cake Salad (£7) served with sweet chilli dressing and crunched peanuts and crispy chicken wings with siracha (£6).

As ever the chicken wings were delicious, juicy and crunchy and chewy fish cake salad was a refreshing and light side.

Chilli B is open every day except Monday and will be regularly changing their menus. Based on the queue we saw on the first day of opening I expect this will be a popular and new favourite stall at Mackie Mayor.


Chilli B
at Mackie Mayor