NOW DELIVERING: Gourmet Italian Paninis at Teo's Food

You'll find Teo's Italian heritage sprinkled all over the menu including 'Suppli' sides and Meatball gourmet paninis.

By Manchester's Finest | 25 March 2021

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Teo’s Food, based in a dark kitchen in Ancoats, is a modern and healthy Italian delivery service now available on all the major delivery services.

Offering up a menu of Gourmet Paninis including ‘Meatball Hero‘ using head chef Teo’s grandmother’s recipe served on a crisp artisan whole grain baguette with Somerset Brie and pickled cabbage.

There’s also ‘Pork Belly Caco’, ‘Poppy Cod: It’s not Fish and Chips’, and ‘Magic Mushroom’ which features sauteed mushrooms, poached egg on a homemade mushroom bun.

You can also grab a vegan option with the Vegan Party feature sous-vide aubergine and cauliflower patties served with spicy hummus, fresh salad mix and vegan tzatziki.

It’s all in the sides and Teo has whipped up a menu of sides from thrice-cooked homemade chips to a vegan aubergine dahl bundle.

There’s also Ox-Tail Croquettes served with homemade garlic and herb sauce and ‘Suppli’ a veggie deep-fried breaded tomato rice ball with a heart of buffalo mozzarella.

Also on the menu are a range of salads all served with homemade focaccia.

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