The NQ Coffee Shop with Open Mic Nights, Yoga, DJ's and more!

It may just be everybody's favourite spot to sit and do some work with a bucket-load of coffee, but there's plenty of other happenings too.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 9 October 2019

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The Finest offices are nestled away in the Northern Quarter and I have the pleasure of pondering a visit to Foundation Coffee every day on my way in. And by that I mean, I definitely purposefully cross the road to take advantage of their £1 filter coffee. Every. Damn. Morning.

It’s truly a treat.

What I have noticed though, is this is not just your standard latte shop. Although you might know it as one of the coolest cafes with the chicest interiors in town, you might not know that they literally have something on every day of the week.

Well, I do know. I’ve noticed the little sign they pop up outside, and last week I spent my time figuring out exactly what happens each day so you can too…

£1 Coffee Monday

Kick off the week exactly how you should and probably need to with one of the best deals in town. £1 filter coffee. Available every weekday morning from 7am until 9am is a delicious take away cup of filter coffee to help you get through that Monday morning meeting.


French Tuesday

Running every other Tuesday is a French conversation class. If you know a little bit of French, practise your skills in a group setting in a chilled out conversational style class. Classes are an hour and a half and guided by an actual native speaker in Foundation; Whitworth.


Lunch Wednesday

Now Wednesday, being hump day, doesn’t have it’s own particular event because it’s just an awkward day all round, isn’t it?!

HOWEVER, that’s not to say there’s nothing going on. The Worker’s Lunch Deal offers up a soup, half a sandwich and a coffee for just £7 between 12-2. What a bloody treat available every weekday.


Open Mic Thursday

New to the week at Foundation is their Open Mic Night. Taking place every other Thursday is exactly what it says on the tin.

Open for local musicians, poets and comedians to share their talents. It’s completely free to attend too so there’s no excuses for putting yourself out there.


Breakfast Friday

Without a doubt, Friday’s are the longest day of the week. It’s so close to the weekend you can almost taste it but for whatever reason they draaaagggg for SO long.

So the only way to get through Fridays is with food and drink. Kick it off with a £5 Breakfast Deal of overnight oats and a coffee available 7-9:30am and at least you won’t be hangry for the morning.

Live DJ Saturday

If, like me you’re a bit of a grandma and like to be in bed by 10pm, Foundation have the perfect way of making you feel like you’re cool and go out.

They host Live DJ sets from 5pm – 9pm every Saturday. Meaning that I can enjoy 4 hours of dancing, and 4 hours of drinking £5 cocktails and STILL be in bed by 10pm. It’s the perfect way of tricking people that I’m sociable. Cheers to that.


Movie Sunday

If, you’re not like me and stay out a lot later than that, you need the one thing that Sunday’s were made for. Duvet days.

Once the headache finally disappears and you’ve officially completed Netflix, treat yourself to Foundations’s Film Night. Starting at 6pm the event is free and perfect way to end your Sunday. And your week for that matter.


A Week at Foundation Coffee

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