Pizza, Pies and Peanuts: There's Snacks Galore Available at Beatnikz

So much more than a packet of crisps, there's beer sticks, pies and even special delivery pizza available at Beatnikz Republic.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 13 September 2019

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Firstly let’s just appreciate this spread. Gone are the days of going to the pub, sticking your hand in a bowl of crusty peanuts that have been on the bar for years. Or ordering an out of date packet of cheese and onion Walkers that aren’t even crunchy any more.

Step aside crappy bar snacks, there’s a Beatnikz in town. They’re here to show up and show you how it’s done.

They’ve ingeniously made some extra salty Beer Sticks that I can guarantee after about 5 pints you will not only want but NEED. Reminiscent of the days you’d get a Pepperami in your lunch box, these are the adult version.

Flavoured with pork and chorizo, these chewy sticks are the perfect addition to get your nashers in whilst a swift pint on the way home.

Consider it a little treat for yourself after a hard days work – you need it. 

If all else fails, just do what me and Ben did and play with your food. You’re an adult now and no one can tell you it’s not proper table manners after all.

Next up, pizza. Now, these are made by the folk down on Picadilly Approach, Bravissimi. All you have to do is order your pizza on Deliveroo / Just Eat whatever your app of choice is and it’ll come straight to Beatnikz.

How perfect! We chose the vegetarian 10″ Margarita’s (£7.95) but there’s also plenty of other flavours including Marinara, Napoli, Pepperoni and plenty more.

Now as this is unaffiliated with the Beatnikz folk you’ve got to spend a min of £10 on Just Eat to get delivery – so opt for the bigger pizzas!

Next up is the scran from Beehive Food. This includes a variety of pies, scotch eggs and nuts. All delicious and the perfect pub snacks.

Scotch Eggs used to be everywhere, but actually these days they’re pretty difficult to come by. There are 3 flavours on offer Manchester Egg and Falafel Scotch Egg.

The Manchester Egg sees Bury black pudding, pork sausage meat mixed with finely diced onion, sage, smoked paprika and a touch of chilli wrapped round a lightly pickled egg. And of course, coated in seasoned breadcrumbs. This egg can pretty much stand up to the challenge of any beer you can stomach.

The veggie and gluten-free option comes in the form of Falafel Scotch Egg. A soft boiled egg wrapped in chickpeas, broad beans, spring onions, coriander and parsley. It’s all coated in a dukkah spice and is perfect washed down with a citrusy beer.

Next up, the Scotch Egg version of the best dish in all the land, the Full English Egg. Containing everything you want on your breakfast, pork sausage meat, smoked back bacon black pudding, baked beans, sun-dried tomatoes and sautéd mushrooms all wrapped in a crispy bacon crumb. Again, this one can stomach anything but I’d recommend a frosty lager. 

We must also talk about the pies on offer. There’s the Bramley Apple Pork Pie done exactly how it should be or the Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Pie for when you’re feeling a bit out there.

Finally, the traditional pot of peanuts. Except there’s nothing traditional about these ones, seasoned with salt, ground black pepper, chilli and smoked paprika, you’ll be fighting over your pot.

If you’ve made it this far without your mouth watering, credit to you. If not, I suggest you bob down to Beatnikz after work today for a swift half and a pre-tea snack. I promise it will not disappoint.


Beatnikz Republic, 35 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF