Post-COVID Bucket List #3: The City’s Best Party Bar, Live Music & 20p Wings

I know that you're missing Bunny Jacksons - because I am too!

By Ben Brown | 26 January 2021

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Just like the beginning of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities – I’ve had the best of times and the worst of times in Bunny Jacksons – it’s just that kind of place.

The best of times? Sitting with a bunch of friends in one of the booths, tucking into 20p Chicken Wings, sipping Blue WKDs and listening to some of the best ‘Cock Rock’ the world has ever provided.

The worst of times? Well, around 3 hours after the best of times, when I’m absolutely hammered and chatting shit to every single person I see, making a right tool of myself and either dropping my phone, my wallet or both.

Actually, it’s not very fair calling those times bad. On reflection, in hindsight, and sat here during a lockdown – I even miss those times, even the mornings after when I’m rougher than a badger’s crotch and can hardly move.

I think the main problem (if it could even be called a problem) is that Bunny Jacksons is almost TOO good at being the perfect party bar. Open every night until 3am, you can always rely on Bunny’s to be busy, and for the talented staff to sort you out with some truly excellent cocktails.

50p Hotdogs at 1am? No problem!

Talking about Bunny’s though – there’s SO much in there, SO much going on that everything just seems to descend into a big list. There’s the FREE pool upstairs, the 50p hotdogs after 10pm, the FREE deer hunting game downstairs, the 20p chicken wings before 10pm… oh no, I’ve gone and done it again.

Let’s stop listing things and concentrate now. Let’s start with the Happy Hour. One of the city’s best, from 9pm -11pm you could get yourself a pint for £3, cocktails for a fiver and a whole host of other little perks.

One shot of tequila and one shot of Fireball here. Perfect.

Of particular note are the BUNNY BOILERS – where you get 2 drinks that have been ‘expertly’ paired – basically to get you pretty merry, pretty quickly. My personal favourite – the Portobello Gin & Hooch (£7.20) or GOOCH – quite possibly the greatest invention in the world of booze – ever.

The best wings in town?

They’ve served well over 1 MILLION wings!

Next up it’s the food. Everyone knows that at Bunny’s you can get some seriously good chicken wings for really cheap.

Like 20p each cheap. And these beauties are MUCH better than what you’ll find elsewhere, big, meaty and packed with flavour – for that price they shouldn’t be anywhere near as good as they are.

Chicken Dippers. I miss thee.

But it’s not just all about the wings. Oh no. Bunny’s also offer a couple of belting burgers, fried pickles, loaded fries and my personal favourite – the best Chicken Dippers in the world. With some of Bunny’s homemade Buffalo Sauce for dippy-dippy – you can’t go wrong.

Live Music at Bunny’s

Each week Bunny’s also hosts a variety of live music events, whether it’s with their House Band, with a special guest or during their weekly BANDAOKE night – you’re more likely going to see live music on the stage than not.

The Bandaoke is brilliant. Basically karaoke but with an actual band behind you. After a few Gooches – you feel like Jon Bon Jovi.

I miss Marky more than I miss most of my actual family.

Finally, you can’t talk about Bunny Jacksons without mentioning their HOTTER THAN THE SUN Wings Challenge. A challenge where I’ve seen grown men be sick. A challenge where I’ve seen grown men cry and go home. A challenge that I’ll never, ever try because the wings are SO hot that just by sniffing them you can end up having a heart attack like that fat fella in Dumb & Dumber.

This photo is NOT Photoshopped. They really are that hot.

This hasn’t stopped a whole gaggle of mad heads try the challenge, with a surprising number actually beating it. These people must be bereft of taste buds for the rest of their lives afterwards – so I doth my cap to them all.

What shall we expect from Bunny’s once this pandemic is all out of the way? Well, more of the same – because after all – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

Bottomless Wings & Booze. Will we see it again in 2021?

During the brief openings in 2020, around September and October, Bunny’s started doing a Bottomless Wings and Booze offer, so if we transcend back through the tiers again once we’re out of lockdown – expect this to return with a vengeance.

Until then, I’m just going to have to try to ignore this urge to have a PROPER night in Bunny’s – one of (slight) debauchery, top tunes, great food, fantastic cocktails and the best atmosphere within a 10 mile radius.

Bunny Jacksons – never change and please don’t leave us. Ever.


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