Re-branding, Pop-ups & Kitchen Takeovers: What Manchester’s Bars & Pubs are doing to tackle Tier 3

Including every day bottomless brunch, food pop-ups, bar takeovers and more...

By Manchester's Finest | 27 October 2020

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The ‘Yes-taurant’ @ YES
YES has always offered up some food on their ground floor, with Pepperoni Playboy and Donner Summer offering up some cracking dishes to go alongside your pints of Amstel. So they’ve re-branded as the YES-taurant – offering up food with your booze, with half pizzas starting at £2.50 and kebabs starting from £5.


Sammy’s Deli & Cocktail Bar
Taking the Tier 3 rules and running with them, Northern Quarter favourite Sammy’s have re-positioned themselves as a ‘Deli & Cocktail Bar’ offering up a range of bagels to go with your cocktails. For just 3 quid each, you can have a Salt Beef, Pastrami or a vegan and non-vegan Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese.


Fresh Italian Pizza @ Piccadilly Tap
The boozer on Piccadilly Approach have given their whole operation a bit of a shake up to stay open and turned into ‘Pizzadilly Tap’, offering up fresh Italian pizza to eat alongside your choice of 21 different beers on tap. All of your favourites are there including Margherita, Pepperoni, Meat Feast and even a vegan option too! You can get yourself a pizza and a pint for £10 and then relax in the knowledge that you’ve received something ‘substantial’.


Bottomless Brunch Every Day @ Crazy Pedro’s
To call this a ‘brunch’ might be pushing it a bit – in reality it’s basically 90 minutes of unlimited pizza and booze for just £25. It was a big hit a few weeks back when Pedro’s introduced it on the weekend and now, they’ve extended it to take place every single day of the week.


Pigs in Blankets and more @ The Bay Horse Tavern
To satisfy the need for meat whilst drinking a cold pint of lager, The Bay Horse Tavern have re-introduced their legendary Pigs in Blankets to go alongside your pint. They’re part of their new ‘Pub Classics Menu‘ where you can choose one food dish from their new menu and one drink (£6.50), two drinks (£10.50) or 3 drinks (£14.50). The drinks on offer include selected pints, spirit & mixer, Hooch and wine.


Nell’s Pizza @ Common
What an embarrassing palaver that was over the weekend. Embarrassing for the city’s police who came into Common to stop them serving their slices of pizza with drinks as it was not deemed ‘substantial’ enough. When asked what constitutes ‘substantial’ they couldn’t answer and just over a day later – the decision was overturned and they could sell them again. Silly. Anyway – get a slice of 22-inch pizza with your drinks and enjoy.


Kitchen Takeovers from Cafe Marhaba
Offering up their outstanding food and dishes, Cafe Marhaba have decided to provide the city’s bars and pubs that have been forced to close a pop-up service or meal kits – ensuring that they can remain open while offering up substantial food offerings. Just give them a DM on Instagram if you’d like the best bloody curries in Manchester in your boozer.


The ‘Meal Deal’ at Cane & Grain
Thomas Street favourite Cane & Grain have decided to create a ‘Meal Deal’ to ensure that people are getting their substantial meal with their booze. The way it works is that you can choose from a choice of dishes with one drink (£6.50), two drinks (£10.50) or three drinks (£14.50). You can get 3x Wings + Chips, Mini Chicken Burger + Chips or their (Not) Chicken Burger + Chips.


Food pop-ups from GRUB
Considering the fact that they’re Manchester’s biggest champions of street food, GRUB have extended an olive branch to bars and pubs that have been forced to close their doors by offering up the chance to source street food pop-up operators for your venue. Just give them a holler and they’ll do their best to help out and keep you open.


Bottomless Wings, Fries and Booze @ Bunny Jacksons
Going down the bottomless route and doing it properly – Bunny’s will be kicking off the first full week in Tier 3 with unlimited wings, fries and booze for just £25 per person. There are no bookings necessary, just rock up and enjoy loads of food and booze for 90 minutes. It’s available every day from 12pm until 5pm.


Bar Takeovers @ Don Giovanni
Looking to provide space and support for those businesses in Manchester whom don’t serve up food (and therefore have been forced to close) Don Giovanni are offering up the chance to takeover their bar during this time, bringing your own cocktail menu and drinks to keep everyone going – even if it’s just temporarily. Give them a DM on Instagram if you think you’d be interested.


Eat Out to Drink Out @ Albert’s Schloss
Taking place all day Monday – Friday, Schloss have taken one of the government’s most famous Coronavirus fuck-ups and made it into a sure fire Tier 3 winner. ‘Eat Out to Drink Out’ basically means that you can choose from a range of dishes on their ‘Bier Food’ Menu and get the food plus one drink for £12, 2 drinks for £16 and 3 drinks for £20.