The CBD Revolution continues with Cannabrew Soul Lager...

Their new beer is inspired by the Northern Soul movement.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 October 2020

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The team at Cannabrew describe themselves as “a group of northern lads, brewing top northern UK craft beer”, except these beers are actually CBD-infused.

This month sees them launch their latest beer, one that’s inspired by the Northern Soul movement and one of the first lagers in the country to contain 12mg of full spectrum and organic CBD per can and 20mg per pint.

Brewed by Cannabrew’s expert team, their new product is a clean, crisp lager containing citrus and vanilla hop flavours with a traditional malt base. It weighs in at 4.5% ABV, contains 0.0% THC and is suitable for vegans.

Elliot Horner, owner and master brewer of Cannabrew, speaks on the product launch, “We are buzzing to finally have a CBD lager that we are happy with.

Since last year, we have been brewing with CBD oil, combining traditional and successful Northern brewing methods with a modernised outlook. It means that drinking beer can be both enjoyable and beneficial! We want our soul lager to feel like a can of positivity straight from the brewery and into people’s homes”.

Cannabrew has united ancient families with modern science – the Cannabinaceae family – as the Cannabis and Hop plants were originally (around 27 million years ago) the same plant, before evolving into separate species.

Many similarities can be spotted in the two species such as the jagged-edges leaves and their shared distinctive smell. The combination of the two brewed together creates a smooth craft beer that tastes exceptional and makes you feel at ease.

The CBD they use is comprehensively tested by Good Manufacturing Practice, Shelf Stability Evaluation and ISO (quality assurance management). As well as this, drinking Cannabrew’s products comes with no harm to the environment as two trees are planted for every case of beer sold, with the aim of planting one million trees to contribute to the fight against deforestation, climate change and more.

For more information check out their website and follow them on Instagram.