The NEW Billboards Across Manchester City Centre Campaigning for Tier 2

'All Mancs want for Christmas is two... (tier 2)'

By Alex Watson | 1 December 2020

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UnitedCity has launched huge billboards across the city to bring awareness to its campaign calling for weekly reviews of the tier restrictions.

The festive-themed billboards have been spotted across the city centre, in fact, I saw the one towering over Piccadilly Gardens this morning and it stopped me in my tracks.

The campaign is ‘calling on the government to review the region’s tier allocation weekly, rather than fortnightly’.

The group explain that the data ‘simply does not support’ Greater Manchester being placed into tier 3.


UnitedCity was officially launched last month and today they launched their billboards aiming to ‘bring the vibrancy back to Manchester’.

The group is founded by Gary Neville of Relentless Group, Chris Oglesby of Bruntwood, Lisa Morton of Roland Dransfield PR, Will Lewis of OBI and Frank McKenna of Downtown in Business say that increasing footfall is critical to the success of the region.

The group hopes to get the region back on its feet through independent research to back up its messages and negotiations with the central government.


They are also planning to support retail, leisure, culture, and sports businesses, as well as provide support and advice for business owners.

The privately-funded research hopes to provide clear data that will help manage the safety in workplaces, hospitality venues and on transport.


Gary Neville – Founder and Director of Relentless Group – said: “Manchester is built on community and entrepreneurial spirit [and] it’s imperative that this crisis doesn’t remove that from our DNA [so] United City will create a clear path forward for the region and will help to effect genuine change for the people and businesses that are based here.

“To make this happen, we need as much support from the business community as possible.

“We are looking for business leaders to step up and lead the change to our working habits, to get our teams back into the office, and back together again.”

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