There's a Cheese & Wine & Beer Night Coming to the Northern Quarter

One of life's greatest pairings, cheese and wine has got a side piece - BEER!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 15 October 2019

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Some things were meant to be paired. Pairs like Ant and Dec, Espresso and Martini and Hobnobs and Yorkshire Tea. They even sound good together. One without the other is just no where near as good as the whole thing.

Other pairs in the world exist, like pie and mash. A good one, incredibly humble but bloody delicious. But one that may very well just be the GREATEST of pairings is cheese and wine.

Actually, I’m gonna go ahead and say that it absolutely is the best pairing known to man.

There’s something about the effortless sophistication of cheese and wine. Ask your friends if they wanna come round for a cheese and wine night and you suddenly feel like you live in Cheshire with 5 Porsches on the drive.

I find the reality to be that I’ve bobbed to Aldi, got a massive baguette and whacked a Camembert in the oven with a plan to get steaming on whatever wine is in the house.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with either life path. If you really need a wide selection of Leicesters, Cheshire and Stiltons and a bottle of rouge with one of those fancies labels, then I applaud you and somewhat aspire to be you.

Of course, in any group of friends there’s that one that  A. doesn’t like wine or B. turns into their mental alter ego when they drink it and they stick to beer.

If it sounds like I’m describing your life too, then I’ve found the perfect event for you and your pals to attend.

It’s a wine, cheese and beer night. 5 cheeses, 5 wines or 5 beers. The choice is yours.

Hosted by Manchester Cheese Club, are taking over Beatnikz NQ who have carefully curated a special list of pairings of some of Beantikz’s finest beers and wines.

Maybe beer and Cheese is just as good as wine and cheese… there’s only one way to find out.


Cheese Club MCR x Beatnikz Republic NQ

When: Wednesday 16th October 2019 
Where: Beatnikz Republic Bar, 35 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF
Time: 7-10pm
Cost: £16

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