Things to do in Manchester this week: 11th - 17th January 2019

Including Bowie's Birthday, Cheap Tequila and our very own version of Bandersnatch.

By Ben Brown | 11 January 2019

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Everyone still seems to be in a bit of a post-Christmas daze. Get yourself out of it with one of these beauts…

Manchester’s Finest Bandersnatch
Saturday 12th January
In what seemed like a good idea at the time, we will be partaking in our very own Social Media experiment this weekend and it’s all based on the new Netflix Black Mirror episode – Bandersnatch. The show’s premise is basically a choose-your-own-adventure TV show where the viewer makes choices for an aspiring games designer who is frantically trying to complete coding on his fantasy game Bandersnatch. Our version will be very similar but will be on our Instagram and it will be myself whose life you control/ruin. Tune in from 10am on Saturday and get involved.

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Reggae Yoga @ Hyper Island
Saturday 12th January
I’ve never really tried my hand at yoga but everyone I know who does it says that it’s really good and a great way to unwind and relax. Not only this but I expect being a bit more flexible comes in very handy in the bedroom – although I’m the last person who’d be able to confirm or deny this. This Reggae version at Hyper Island on Lever Street promises to “build strength, stretch & sweat” while listening to a top class roots reggae soundtrack. I’ll be too busy getting my life ruined with this Bandersnatch malarkey but let me know how it goes if you go.

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Worth The Weight Kilo Sale @ Manchester Cathedral
Saturday 12th January
Just like when you get Pick n Mix at the cinema, there’s always a few things you should avoid when you have to pay for clothes by the kilo. Jackets and Jumpers are a no-go – especially if either of them are made out of wool, or come laden with some form of metal. Even though the likelihood of finding a coat of chainmail is highly unlikely at this Kilo Sale at the Cathedral, there’s 9 tonnes of stock on offer, with items from the 60’s right up to the 90’s so there’ll definitely be something that you’ll like.

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£1 Tequilas at Sandinista
Saturday 12th January
Throughout January Sandinista have a range of special offers which change every single day. Some days you can get 2-4-1 Bloody Marys for example, while other days offer 2-4-1 Tapas. Well this Saturday sees them offer shots of tequila for £1. One note. A quid. It means that for a tenner you can get absolutely smashed and in my case, probably ‘Brown Out’ which happens only when drinking tequila (and Febreze). I must say that if you decide to have your tequila with salt and lime – you’re not doing it properly and don’t deserve it.


Bowie’s Birthday
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January
If he wasn’t pushing up the daisies, this weekend would have seen Davey Bowie hit 72 years old and the music establishments of the city have gone all out to make sure that there are ample opportunities to celebrate and dance to some of his tunes while getting leathered. Not only is there a massive Bowie Celebration at The Ritz (complete with Bowie’s band alumni) but there’s Sound & Vision at YES featuring Bowie movies and DJ sets, a Bowie Birthday Party at Gorilla and The Ultimate Bowie Celebration Club Night at Night People. There’s probably loads more too but I’m sick of typing ‘Bowie’ now.


See My Dunya: See My World
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January
As part of the Push Festival at HOME, See My Dunya aims to bring to focus “the seldom seen faces, the un0heard stories and dreams that make up the Somali-British experience.” The exhibition combines photography from Sharmaarke Ali Adan, film from SSCOPE, 3D sculpture by Somali Architecture and music from Finest favourite HMD. The exhibition is free and if you don’t manage to catch it at HOME this weekend, it will be moving to the Central Library from Tuesday 15th Jan until March.

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Bulls Head and Bunny’s
Monday 14th January
This week uncovered an interesting discovery on the way back from a Street Food Workshop at Mayfield Depot. If you combine the cosy boozy atmosphere of the Bulls Head on London Road with a later visit to Bunny Jackson’s you’re guaranteed a brilliant night. So much so in fact that Finest Video Expert Joe Wilson hasn’t talked about much else since – and wants to get back on the ‘Bulls Head & Bunny’s Trail’ as soon as possible. Of course a selection of 10p chicken wings is a must at Bunny’s too – as well as a fair few Boiler Makers to wash them down with.


The Band @ The Lowry
Starts Wednesday 16th January
Even though I think Gary Barlow is the most boring human in the world, who should probably pay more attention to his Tax Return Form instead of chasing a Knighthood, there is one thing to be thankful to him for and that’s Take That. Not the newer Take That who wear pea coats and sing about wooden boats, I mean the jelly smeared, stupid dancing, Lulu shagging Take That from the 90’s – who managed to bang our hit after hit and became the biggest boy band in the world. This new musical is a bit like Mamma Mia, with a nonsense story wrapped around Take That’s songs and it starts this week at The Lowry.

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A Taste of the Deep South with Blackjack & Mama Sue @ Beatnikz Republic
Wednesday 16th January
There is of course nothing better than having some food alongside a few beers and Beatnikz Republic is set to be the venue for some brilliant examples of both this Wednesday night. Blackjack Beers will be heading down to serve up a selection of their beers, alongside some traditional Deep South dishes from street food trader Mama Sue – who’ll be serving up 4 dinners throughout the night. Tickets are only £20 and it should be a cracker.

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