Things to do in Manchester this week: 8th - 14th February 2019

Including Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and loads of Campari!

By Ben Brown | 8 February 2019

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This week I won at me mam’s annual Pie Night – I suppose 2019 can only be downhill from hereon in…

Chinese New Year
Friday 8th – Sunday 10th February
It’s the Year of the Pig everyone! Well, it was officially the start of the Year of the Pig last Tuesday, but council bosses aren’t going to waste a load of money on events on a weekday – so it’s all this weekend. Chinese New Year is usually a right good knees up in the city, with those dragons knocking about, loads of lanterns and even a brilliant firework show that makes Disneyland’s efforts look like your Uncle Bob pissing about with a £10 box of Black Cats on Bonfire Night. You’ll also find a massive big pig in St Ann’s Square  – which is supposed to give you a year of good luck. Head down there on Saturday, give it a kiss and then buy a lottery ticket. Win Win.

What’s going on this Chinese New Year 2019 in Manchester


Queer Contact Festival
Friday 8th & Saturday 9th February
Even though most of it is a complete mess of a building site, Contact aren’t letting that in the way of their annual Queer Contact Festival – they’ve just moved it to other venues instead. It’s a big LGBTQ+ celebration of arts and culture, complete with theatre, dance, cabaret and more – concluding with their huge Manchester Vogue Ball at the Academy on Saturday. Check out the link below to see what’s going on…

What’s On


OverDrawn @ Joshua Brooks
Friday 8th February
For anyone who hasn’t heard of OverDrawn – where have you been you savage!? OverDrawn is like a complete Mecca for anyone who is even remotely interested in anything art-related – mostly drawing and painting and sometimes giant Art Attacks – all rolled up into one neat little package. The main bit is where they get a gang of artists to do live art pieces, like in some form of battle, where you then all vote on who’s is the best. This is all going on while there’s a DJ playing some tunes and you’re having a fair few bevvies. It’s all a lot of fun I assure you.

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FORZA Negroni Festival @ YES
Sunday 10th February
Anything that includes Campari is a winner from me. You could strip me naked, punch me in the face, stamp on my knob and leave me for dead in a ditch, but throw a bottle of Campari down there and I’d be on Easy Street. The stuff is my tipple of choice at the moment, and before I go back to the Buckfast, I’ll be drinking as much as possible. Luckily for me there’s a big Negroni Festival this Sunday at YES, where we can all drink the dry stuff, eat Italian foods and generally be cool as fuck. I’ll see you there – please buy me a drink.

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50% OFF Food at Eat New York
All through February
Okay so technically this isn’t just a ‘next week’ thing but the simple fact is that I’m in charge here and I can do whatever the fuck I want. This week I went on down to Eat New York – The Bagel Shop on Oldham Street because they are offering 50% off food all through February. I had such a bloody good meal that I decided to write about it here – performing a key service to the people of Manchester. If you’ve never been and tried one of their bagels – do it now. If you have been – you know. I had their Salt Beef Bagel and Fried Pickles just in case you want to know – it was amazing.

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OBL Beer vs. Vice Pub Quiz @ The Deaf Institute
Monday 11th February
Most people I know don’t really rate the Old Blue Last Beer from Vice – with many saying it tastes like it’s been filtered through a tramp’s gusset. I’d disagree though – I really actually like it and usually end up with a couple of tins down my neck whenever I’m in Bunny’s for longer than 25 minutes. They’re hosting a Pub Quiz this Monday at the Deaf Institute which is presented by Finest’s own Nanny Banton and Chimpo. They arranged for two pizza delivery drivers to come last time, with teams guessing on who would turn up first. So it should be – a lot of fun.

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Princess Mononoke
Wednesday 13th February
I don’t want you thinking I’m one of them weird anime lads who gets dressed up like a dragon boy with yellow hair and heads to Urbis every Saturday to try and get off with a girl dressed up like a magical cat. I’m not into any of that. Studio Ghibli films are a lot different than what you’d usually expect from a ‘Japanese cartoon’, typically with some rather adult themes on top of the wonderful drawing and animation. 1997’s Princess Mononoke can get a bit fucking weird at points but it’s regarded as a classic – mostly because it is. Catch it on the big screen at the Odeon on Wednesday.

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Valentine’s Day
Thursday 14th February
The most annoying day in the Gregorian calendar is this week – bloody Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship you’re obliged to go out and do something with your other half, be it eat some food, drink some drinks, go to the cinema or get into each other’s knickers. If you’re single then you have to aimlessly wander the streets, grabbing as many people as you can and declaring your undying love for them in the hope that they will let you into their knickers. Or you could just stay in, watch Robocop and eat 3 Pot Noodles in your gruds. If you’re struggling to decide what to do, Manchester’s Finest are here to help. Kate and I have put together two huge lists that pretty much tell you everything that is going on…

18 Alternative Ideas for Valentine’s Day

21 Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day 2019


Valentine’s Love Quiz @ The Bay Horse Tavern
Thursday 14th February
Instead of having the opportunity to sit in and watch Robocop in my gruds, I have been forced to don a ridiculous love heart suit and run a ‘Love Quiz’ at The Bay Horse Tavern this Valentine’s evening. To be honest I shouldn’t complain – it gets me out of the house, as well as giving me the chance to show off my quiz creating skills. I’ve done loads of rounds (including some pretty odd ones) and the questions are mostly genius. Oh and the grand prize is a night’s stay at Hotel Indigo with Champagne Breakfast and Bottomless Brunch at The Bay Horse. I’ll probably give out more prizes on the night too. Register a team below…

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