This Stockport company have a job paying £30k a year just to play games!

OPSYS is a gaming PC building company and they need someone to test their machines...

By Ben Brown | 2 February 2021

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Once every couple of years some company somewhere decides to promote the ‘DREAM’ job. One where you’re stuck on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific, living in luxury and cataloguing birds and bees and the odd whale. Well, this dream job is NOTHING like that.

With what could possibly be the greatest ambition for a 13-year old version of myself, a new gaming PC building company has created a new position – where all you do is play games all the time!

OPSYS are offering one person the chance to run the company’s ‘Overpowered User Experience‘ department for £30,000 a year – where you don’t have to do anything except play games on the PC’s that the company provides you – making sure that everything plays smoothly and efficiently.

Gaming PC’s look mad!

Sound good?

Well, here’s the requirements for the position…

Life experience doesn’t matter here. We only care about the kind of XP that gets you to the level cap so you can cheese your way through any endgame.

Yes, please.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:
Play games on OP systems.

Seems simple enough. Still interested? Well, to apply you’ll need to post a 60-second video letting the world know why you deserve the job – tag ’em in it and hope for the best.

Could this all just be a publicity stunt? Yeah it could very well be. It’ll be interesting to know who gets the job though – and if they’re on £30k for basically killing zombies and shooting Nazis – perhaps they’ll lend me a tenner too?!


Head on over to the OPSYS site for more details…

‘Dream Job’