It's Time for a Tiffin: The Traditional Indian Lunch Box

The Tiffin box is how many people get their lunches in Mumbai and is a staple to Indian culture and you can now get one in Manchester.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 3 December 2019

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It’s that time of the year where food takes over your life. There’s so much good stuff flying around, from foot long pigs in blankets to thick and overflowing mince pies.

But sometimes you need something else to warm you up that doesn’t involve gravy. Don’t get me wrong, gravy is the greatest invention known to man, however you do end up swimming in the stuff over the festive season.

This is where Zouk comes in. Known for incredible feasts and even better curries, it’s exactly where you need to be for a taste of something different and something spicy.

They have a fantastic traditional Tiffin Box Lunch offering starting at just £7.95. There’s a meat, veggie and even a vegan option off the grill so everyone is covered.

The set menu is different each week day, ranging from Chicken Korma & Lamb Handi to Palak Paneer & Tarka Dall.

Tiffin Boxes are the traditional way to eat lunch in Mumbai with thousands of workers getting theirs delivered straight to work by the Dabbawalas. Committed to their jobs, Dabbawalla maintain service as usual, whatever the weather and that includes throughout Monsoon season.

The Tiffin Box is traditionally full of flavourful food and is normally a lighter option to offset the heat of midday. Zouk is no different, offering up light and fresh options from the grill including delicious skewers of chicken and lamb or veggie alternatives full of paneer and veggies. The tiffin grill is also served with a side salad, Zouk’s own special houmous and a freshly baked naan.

Alternatively the weekly tiffin menu sees classics and firm household favourites such as Tikka, Korma and Jalfrezi curries to name a few.

The blend of spices and chilli gives the perfect hit of heat to warm you up on the cold wintery months whilst giving you something a bit different and perhaps more flavourful than traditional English winter food. Let’s be honest, everything is absolutely delicious but it’s pretty beige! I’m talking mash, yorkshire puddings, gravy – all great but tend to be one pretty standard flavour.

What’s more you can get the whole offices lunch delivered right to the door without even leaving your desk. Email here for more information.


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