Top 5 Alternatives to Sushi at Dive NQ

Sushi isn't for everyone. It's strong taste, claggy texture and all-round just a bit too fishy for me.

By Alex Watson | 13 December 2019

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I’ve honestly only very recently converted to the life of eating fish. I’m guessing it’s definitely something to do with getting older because red wine doesn’t make me wince either anymore. Big, old sigh.

Anyway, I may be able to stomach calamari but sushi still is too much for me. It does make it difficult when everyone else loves sushi and I’m stuck eating 500 edamame beans (they are good though, aren’t they?!)

So if like me, sushi is a bizarre texture, smells too much like a fishmongers then I’ve got just the thing for you… Alternatives to sushi available at the Zumu kitchen takeover at Dive NQ.

Kamikaze Wings (£5.50) 
It goes without saying that chicken wings truly are one of the best foods ever invented. Coat them in a sticky, sweet and a slightly spicy Zumu Signature Sauce and deep fry them and you’re onto a winner. Dunk that straight into Sriracha and my god, I’m salivating at the thought of these wings. Opt for the Dynamite ones if you think you’re hard enough.


Popcorn Shrimp (£7.50)
Again, I’m all for anything that’s been deep-fried. In fact, we got a deep fryer in the flat a few months ago, no stone was left unturned in sampled what can and what should be fried. You need to try deep-fried banana if you’ve not already. Anyway, shrimp! These little bite-size mouthfuls of delicious seafood have just enough hint of the sea and plenty of fried goodness to off-set any fishiness.


Gyoza (£5)
Probably the best thing to come out of Asian food is Gyozas. I’m a HUGE fan of veggie ones too. There’s something about the mixture of fried naughtiness and all that fresh good stuff inside that is really satisfying. Get that baby coated in lashings of soy sauce and your mouth (and stomach) will thank you for days.


Chicken Katsu Curry (£9.75)
There are a few factors about a Katsu that are worth their own 5 minutes of fame. First, and probably most controversial, is the sticky rice. Love it or hate it, I’m here to tell you that it’s bloody fantastic. The stickier the better. The second is that crunchy, crunchy chicken. It’s nothing like what you get in those horrible horrible fast food places that give you a stomach ache, this is the good stuff. It’s fresh, crispy and still succulent chicken inside. The next thing and final things is, of course, that sauce. Infamous, beyond words, delectable.


Beef Asparagus (£7.50)
Incredibly tender beef sliced super thin and wrapped around crunchy asparagus chunks, with a little micro herb bow. It’s juicy, succulent and full of flavour. And I have to say, these delicious bite-size little parcels are the only present you need this Christmas.


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