Top 5 Instagram Accounts We’re Following This Month (Jan 2020)

Including Flat Earther interviews, spoken word, the best of packaging and more...

By Manchester's Finest | 14 January 2020

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We were introduced to this show through their rather impressive and massively entertaining YouTube channel, one which serves up interviews with random people in America. When I say random people – I mean it – there’s some real oddities in here. Presenter Andrew Callaghan heads to a NASCAR event and ends up stuck with some absolute drunken idiots, and the Flat Earth special is truly fantastic. Great stuff.


The Instagram account for an exciting new night that debuted at the NIAMOS Centre in Hulme at the tail end of last year. It’s a night that gives a platform to people to recite spoken word, or poetry – offering an audience for some often quite powerful and profound stuff. Check out their Highlights of the last event and keep an eye out for their next one – which will hopefully be towards the end of January.


Who doesn’t love packaging? Nobody. It’s a modern form of true art, and this Instagram feed has had us hooked ever since we discovered it a few weeks ago. It’s a true artistic delight – showcasing some true classic design. Even though there’s not much in the way of older package design – such as the legendary Sainsbury’s own brand offerings of the 70’s – these contemporary offerings are just as good, and in many ways – better.


We met @thecreativefruit at a recent pre-Christmas event where she was drawing characters of us all and we were mightily impressed. Mostly because we managed to make us all look gorgeous, even though some of us are well-known to have some seriously craggy faces. We’ve also been impressed with her Instagram too – a showcase of her doodles, fashion illustration and photography, many of which differ in style quite significantly but all feature one key theme – women.


We were alerted to the British Culture Archive by the exhibition heading to The Refuge at the end of the month, and their Instagram is a stunning collection of the changing faces of British society. A true look into the working-class lives of people throughout the country, the archives are a real delight and are also (perhaps accidentally) a great source of some pretty mega fashions.