The Best Instagram Accounts We're Following This Month

Dogs, flower shops, potters & plenty more where that came from!

By Alex Watson | 6 March 2020

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It is absolutely imperative that dog accounts make an appearance each month we do this because right now, they are the only thing breaking up your feed from selfies and politically charged advertisements, none of which anyone wants to see on a Monday morning. These wide-eyed little four-legged friends regularly have their tongues sticking out across the city and what more can you really look for on social media?


I can tell how quickly I have aged (into an actual grandma) by who I follow on Instagram. Over the past 5 years, there has been a significant increase in interior design accounts. There’s something seriously relaxing about watching people’s house reno’s unfold. Especially this one which has turned an old house into something that is so modern it’s almost futuristic.


In light of the fact it is International Women’s Day this week, I’m sharing an account that strictly empowers women. The clue is in the name really. Whether it’s memes, quotes or a little push to help you get over male supremacy that riddles the world. It also regularly features Cher and I’m up for that because, Mom I am a rich man.  


Born and bred in Mosley, Frida Cooper is a ceramicist that creates incredible ceramics from candle holders to earrings. You’ll find her work in all the best independent shops in Manchester. Follow her Instagram and watch her work that wheel like the pro that she is.


I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s not the usual BB that does this monthly round-up, because there’s nothing that weird this month. He’s off on his jollies somewhere between New York and Los Angeles. So I’m celebrating another local and independent Manchester Business, Northern Flower. It also goes without saying that Northern Flower might just be one of the birthplaces of GRLPWR you only need to spend 5 minutes in there before coming out and feeling like you can do anything with your fresh bunch of eucalyptus. Follow for flower inspo and the only place you need as a backdrop for your next Insta post.