Top Tips to Work Well From Home

Following the governments advice, thousands of people are set to be working from home from this week...

By Alex Watson | 20 March 2020

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But it can be hard to keep up the your spirits if you’re working alone, without your usual kitchen coffee bants and your workmates helping make your life just a million times better.

So here are a few of our top tips to make it easier and make you even more productive!

1. Get up & get ready!

This sounds really simple but by your 3rd day you’re probably going to be seriously inclined to stay in your PJs reach down for your laptop and start working from your bed. But we all know that sounds ridiculous – so don’t let yourself do it! You’re also missing out on your commute which often is a slap in the face for waking you up so you need to make a conscious effort to get your brain working. Get up, shower, get dressed, run a brush through your hair and you will instantly feel more ready for the day.



It goes without saying that immediately after you wake up you need coffee. But we’ve all got a duty of care right now for our independents. So whether you pull yourself out of bed and to the nearest cafe or you order your favourite beans online – support the locals and get your coffee that way!


3.  Get a cracking Spotify playlist

Music is the only thing that can change your mood instantly! Luckily for you, I’ve spent this morning hand making a good old selection of playlists based on popular Manchester events such as Homobloc or a classic playlist, Proper Manc Anthems. Or just take make a little light of the situation and try put a smile on everyone’s face, Quarantunes full of absolute bangers that I guarantee will make you dance, sing and smile.

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4. Feng Shui Your Space

As I said in tip number 1, don’t work from your bedroom! Establish boundaries and ensure you still have a space to relax, cook, eat and basically do everything but not work. If you have a dining table, use that to set up as your desk


5. WALK!

You’re probably more inclined to work longer hours at home so it’s important to incorporate regular breaks. We’ve put together a selection of the best walks just a few minutes out from the city centre. So get your raincoat on and breath in some fresh air. A bit of nature scientifically proven to improve your brainpower!

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6. Bring The Outside In

If you really don’t want to go outside for fresh air – bring it in! Support local flower and plant shops such as Northern Flower and Flourish and get some lovely little bits of greenery. You can throw yourself into being the best plant mum ever and opt for some air-purifying ones such as Aloe Vera, British Ivy and Spider Plants.


7. Eat Some Real Good Grub

Combining the fact that you’re working from home, perhaps you’re self-isolating and the world feels like it’s going to shit – it’s time to treat yourself to some really good grub. Luckily, there’s plenty of amazing restaurants who have turned to offering a delivery or take-away service. It’s a win-win, you get tasty food (that you don’t have to cook woo!) and you’re also simultaneously supporting independents. See who’s delivering below.

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 8. Get some virtual social contact

Whether that is turning your email into a quick call or your calls into group video chats – speak to people so you’re self-isolation doesn’t have to feel so lonely.


9. Get Booze Delivered

I’m not promoting alcoholism but on Monday I cracked open a bottle of wine because it felt like I’d already had a full and terrible week. Plenty of bars have started delivering booze straight to your door or you can take away some amazing wines and beers. Manchester Union Lager, Dive NQ, Crazy Pedro’s and loads more are offering a selection of drinks to be delivered alongside food and you can get yourself down to Wolf At The Door and pick up some incredible natural wines.