Single Folk, who wants a date on us this Valentine’s Day?

We're going live around Manchester with single people all looking for dates... and if you're quick enough to get to them you can be that date!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 7 February 2020

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That’s right, with the power of social media we’re guaranteed to find someone love this year.

People usually fall into two categories when it comes to Valentine’s Day. There’s the romantics who want to shower someone with roses, poems, posh meals and a box of Black Magic. Then there’s everyone else who thinks it’s just a swizz and a way for people to make money selling cards.

Well, this year the Manchester’s Finest team are taking matters of love into our own hands, and then handing it back to YOU – our loyal, attractive and all-round wonderful followers.

So – what’s going on then… LIVE DATE

From 5pm on Valentine’s Day we will be at various locations throughout the city centre, but we won’t be alone. We will be bringing someone single with us to each location – someone looking to find love on the most romantic day of the year.

The next bit is pretty simple. We will GO LIVE on our Instagram and Facebook accounts and we will tell you exactly where we are. The first person to come and meet us gets a date with our single person, and don’t worry the bill’s on Manchester’s Finest!

So, if you’re looking to find the next special person in your life, and you’ve had enough of Tinder, Plenty of Fish and writing your number in toilet cubicles, get locked into our socials on Valentine’s Day!

Just make sure you turn on your notifications from 5pm on Valentine’s Day – because we’re going to be doing quite a few throughout the evening. You never know – this time next year you could be planning a wedding!

If you want to be one of our (single) participants, head on over to our Instagram or Facebook and give us a DM.


Manchester’s Finest presents ‘Live Date’

Venue: Throughout the city centre
Date: Friday 14th February
Time: From 5pm
Cost: Nothing – just get on down and get a date with one of our single people.

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