Who fancies going Surfing in Trafford?

Yep, someone wants to create a 'Surf Centre' in Trafford...

By Ben Brown | 9 February 2021

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One of those quotes that you see dotted around in pubs or clubs, usually ones with bees everywhere and Oasis always on the jukebox is this one…

“Manchester has everything except a beach”

That was Stone Roses front man Ian Brown saying that and he’s right. We do have everything except a beach. Except for that weird one in Urmston. Oh and that actual beach at Gaddings Dam in Todmorden. Well, we may be set for another one in Trafford. Sort of anyway.

Next month will see plans submitted for a £60m Surf Centre off Barton Dock Road near The Trafford Centre – one that will become the region’s first in-land surfing lagoon where anyone can go and learn how to surf.

The complex proposes building a surfing lagoon operated by Wavegarden – a company that “specialises in man made wave generating technologies” together with bar and restaurants, as well as a fitness zone, skateboarding half-pipe, and bouldering.

Wavegarden is headquartered in northern Spain and operates surfing lagoons in other locations including South Korea, Melbourne, Bristol and Snowdonia. It has three in construction at present, one in Switzerland and two in Brazil.

This news follows the recent planning approval of the £250m Therme Manchester resort in Trafford, which will feature pools, water slides, a wave pool and relaxation areas – as well as an urban oasis there will be a dedicated adults’ area with swim-up bars, warm water lagoons, botanical gardens and therapeutic mineral pools.

So if you’re into water sports (the CLEAN kind) then it seems like Trafford is set to become the UK’s must-visit destination. If planning is approved for the surfing complex, expect to see an influx of Aussies into the city. Get the tinnies in!