There's a Virtual SCREAM-A-LONG Screening of Scream this Halloween

Scream-a-long with the iconic 90s slasher movie (and a fair few surprises along the way)

By Ben Brown | 13 October 2020

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One of the most iconic horror movies of all time is set for one of the most interesting events this Halloween, as Make A Scene Film Club host a virtual SCREAM-A-LONG on Saturday 24th October.

Taking place over Zoom, you’ll join a gang of fellow horror enthusiasts as you follow the troubles of young Sidney Prescott and her mates as their town is terrorised by a murderous ‘Ghostface’ – who is seemingly intent on ensuring Sidney’s insides are on the outside in the most gruesome fashion imaginable.

As you’d expect from Make A Scene, this isn’t going to be just some bog-standard online film viewing, with a whole host of characters, games, interactions and competitions to get you through the (frequent) jump scares.

Make A Scene hostesses Gary Williams and Grace Oni Smith will be introducing and live commentating on the film as usual, as well as drag appearances by Grace as Gale Weathers and Beau Azra as Casey Becker (aka Drew Barrymore). There’ll be scares, surprises and even the chance of a (socially distanced) visit in your own home by Ghostface himself!

Plus games, messing about, audience interactions and they’ll even be sharing food and drink suggestions for you to make yourself to get that Make A Scene interactive film feeling in your own home!


Make A Scene present… Scream-A-Long Screening

Date: Saturday 24th October
Time: 8pm
Venue: Your gaff
Cost: £7

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