The "Jaw-Dropping" Theatre Show that takes you on the Worst Hen Do EVER!

HYENAS! is an award-winning solo theatre piece performed and written by Oliva Nicholson.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 16 February 2024

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Making its debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, HYENAS! won ‘Pick Of the Fringe’ (Mix it up theatre) and received some great press on the circuit in 2021. 

The performance lures the audience in with a bit of ‘give us a cheer if you’re from Burnley’ and the promise of a big night out, but then it smacks everyone in the face with some terrifying realities – domestic abuse, anorexia and loneliness.

HYENAS! is, at its core a feminist theatre piece by the Award Winning theatre company, SUGAR BUTTIES

It’s the story of 4 women going through exceptional circumstances of hardship, all on the same hen do at the same time. They are desperate for a big night out and to get shit faced and cover up their imperfections and scars from the past with makeup, filters and lies. 

The narrative of this immersive ‘hen do’ experience turns into a touching piece of theatre nobody expects. Olivia portrays an overworked school teacher on sick leave, a mum going through a divorce and a sad, skinny bride. Olivia delves into the back story of her characters with intricate detail and touches on themes and loneliness, mental illness and the pressures of social media on women today.

‘HYENAS!’ is produced by Ex Hollyoaks actress, Jessica Forrest and directed by highly acclaimed Jonathan Brown. Brown founded Something Underground Theatre Company back in 2006, which has since created one man, one woman and ensemble plays that have touched global audiences.

Following a sold-out run at Edinburgh in 2021 last year, HYENAS has been doing the circuit across the UK, all to rave reviews, such as independent theatre reviewer, Elaine Chapman who said: “Nicholson’s performance is outstanding, her ability to effortlessly switch characters and voices was faultless.”

You can catch HYENAS! at The King’s Arms on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale now.


Date: Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th July
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The King’s Arms
Price: £15