"A Breathtaking Musical Soundscape" as 6 Young Performers Reimagine Frankenstein for 21st Century Britain

A unique take on the Mary Shelley classic, Battersea Art Centre and BAC Beatbox Academy’s Frankenstein makes you question the real monsters we fear.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 19 April 2022

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Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a critically-acclaimed, off West End Award Winning gig-theatre production by Battersea Arts Centre and BAC Beatbox Academy, inspired by the original monstrous tale of power and persecution.

Part electrifying gig, part thrilling theatre, Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a powerful and poetic show that pushes the power of the human voice to its expressive, musical and rhythmic limits. 

Six performers with six microphones take apart Mary Shelley’s original and reimagine a world of modern monsters – from our overstimulated digital age to the pressures to conform – all while taking musical inspirations from Pachelbel to The Prodigy.

The production marks 10 years of nurturing rising talent and pushing the boundaries of sound and music with BAC Beatbox Academy; Battersea Arts Centre’s young performance Collective.

The show is in 3 key parts. The first is a curtain raiser 5 minute performance by local young people, showcasing their beatbox skills. The second takes the form of a 16 track concept album, all performed live, all sounds made from the mouth – a modern day take on the Frankenstein story. 

The third part involves beatbox battles – where members of the company (and sometimes young people from the curtain raiser) battle one on one, with the winner decided by the audience. The show ends with a ‘circle jam’ – a live piece of music that is completely improvised by the cast on stage each night.

Frankenstein will leave you asking questions such as: Who are the monsters we fear? Who created them? And how did they just do that with their voices?

The performance takes place at Contact Theatre on Oxford Road on Tuesday 10th until Saturday 14th May. Tickets are £20 per person, and concession prices are available for under 35s, students, low income households and over 65s. 

You can book tickets online now via the link below.


Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster

Dates: Tuesday 10th – Saturday 14th May
Times: 7pm (+ 2pm on Saturday)
Venue: Contact Theatre
Full Price: £20
Under 35: £15
Student/Low Income/Over 65: £10

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