10p Wings, FREE Pool & more: Is Bunny Jackson's the BEST place to celebrate this Christmas?

I'm going to say, yes. Yes it is.

By Ben Brown | 10 December 2019

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Okay so hear me out. There’s a gang of 10 of you in the office and due to an administrative error (you’re all too lazy), nobody has bothered to organise a Christmas party this year.

Or let’s say you’re a lucky girl who has more than 4 but less than 8 friends and you’re all looking for somewhere to get hammered this party season but most places are jam-packed full of bookings.

Well, Bunny Jackson’s is the place to go. Not only do they not take any bookings EVER, they also have a long list of great things going on that make every single night there fucking brilliant. 

10p Wings
First up there’s their brilliant chicken wings, which only this week our office eater, Jake Hardy, claimed were better than the ones you can get at KFC. Is he right? Of course he bloody is. These beauts are MEGA and they start at only 10p each. Want ’em with sauce – that’s 20p please. MUCH better than having to fork out £30 a head for a ‘special’ Christmas menu.


Live Music
One thing you’ll notice first when you walk into Bunny’s is their rather imposing stage, set just to the right of the bar. The stage is always full of musical instruments because it’s highly uncommon for them not to have a live band doing something impressive with their hands and mouths. Sunday, Monday and Thursday you’re going to catch them, with Thursday being the night for the brilliant BANDAOKE…


Every single decent ‘group’ night out I’ve ever been on has only been brilliant because we’ve ended up in a karaoke place in Chinatown. Once you’re in you’re free to get hammered and sing along to a range of hits – preferably sung by either Meat Loaf or Phil Collins. Well Bandaoke is the same but you actually get to play alongside a REAL band – basically fulfilling all of your wildest dreams.


The Happy Hour
Bunny’s Happy Hour is the thing of legend, a daily trip into the deepest reaches of your dreams and desires. Every day from 9pm until 11pm you can get £3 beers, bottles of wine for £12, cocktails and frozen daiquiris for £5 and bottles of Prosecco for £16. Nice of them that innit!?


FREE Pool (and Beer Pong)
Take a little trip upstairs in Bunny’s and you’ll see their pool table – which is FREE of course! Just let them know at the bar that you want to play and they’ll give you some balls and cues in which to bloody enjoy yourself. Oh, and the Beer Pong table is free to use too – do the same and let them know at the bar and they’ll sort you out with everything you need.


Cocktails, Lovely Staff, Top Tunes, Chicken Tenders…
Basically everything is pretty mega at Bunny’s so if you’re struggling for a venue for a party this Christmas – look no further.

Alternatively, if you just want to have a good time, get hammered and end up in a gutter somewhere, Bunny’s also fits the bill.


Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA