(More than) 5 Reasons to get to Bunny Jackson's Now!

There's so many reasons to go down to Bunny Jackson's. How do I know? Because I once spent 11 days continuously in here - and I still love it.

By Ben Brown | 7 May 2019

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Home of the 10p Wing

Of course Bunny’s is well known throughout the land for their ludicrously cheap chicken wings which start at only 10p. Their selection of saucy 20p wings is extensive and the best thing about them is that they’re fucking fit too! Not only are they the cheapest wings in the city they’re also the tastiest – and thus no visit to Bunny’s is complete without at least a basket full to share with your mates. If you’re a veggie then don’t fret – their Cauliflower Wings are spectacular too!


Mega LIVE Music

One of the greatest things about Bunny’s is that they have their very own House Band, much like the bar in Roadhouse but with much more attractive staff and less broken limbs. They play from around 9pm (ish) every Sunday and Monday and you can expect a whole host of top tunes to get belted out both harmonically and enthusiastically.

Not just this but Thursday also sees the brilliant Bandaoke take place, which is just like karaoke but instead of singing along to a cassette tape of Bon Jovi an ACTUAL BAND will be playing the tune for you. It’s the closest you’re ever going to get to being an actual rock star and it’s brilliant.


Manchester’s BEST Happy Hour

Is this the city’s best happy hour? Well there are a few brilliant ones knocking about but Bunny’s is certainly up there, if not right at the top then certainly loitering in a Champions League position. It’s on EVERY NIGHT between 9pm and 11pm and you can get the following:

●  Bunny Boilers & Party Drinks – £5
●  Frozen Daiquiris – £5
●  Pint of Pilsner – £3
●  Bottle of House Wine – £12
●  Bottle of Prosecco – £16
●  Bucket of 5 Bud/Corona – £15


Hotter Than The Sun Challenge

A whole host of bloody big blokes around the city must have got fizzy undies when they heard about this ‘Hotter Than The Sun Challenge’ at Bunny’s – it’s truly a massive test of ones chilli eating abilities. To say that the hot wings at Bunny’s are spicy is a huge understatement, I once saw a dragon crying his eyes out and shoving yoghurt down his mouth after a couple of these – so be careful! If you’re up for it all you need to do is eat 10 wings in 10 minutes. Easy yeah?


The Legendary Bunny Boilers

It must be said that the staff at Bunny’s know a thing or two about drinks. They can whip up a cocktail that’ll blow your roof off at the drop of a hat and they’ll do it in style. One of the reasons they’re so good is because there’s an extensive drinks and cocktail menu at their disposal – with something for every person, taste and mood.

One of my favourite sections of the cocktail menu is the Bunny Boiler bit – where you can get yourself a pair of drinks which complement each other in unexpected ways. A Coors & a shot of JD? No problem. Gin and Hooch? Fuck yeah! Port & Blue WKD? Now the night is just getting started!


I shouldn’t have only stuck with 5 here because there’s still LOADS of reasons to head on down to Bunny’s. Such as….

●  The BEST Chicken Tenders in the UK
●  FREE Pool
●  £5 Old Fashioned Fridays
●  Fried Pickles
●  50p Hot Dogs after 10pm
●  That Root Beer Float
●  Frozen Daiquiris
●  Bunny’s Burgers
●  Khal Drogo behind the bar
●  Shots of Fireball
++ much, much more!