5 weirdest places to have a pint in Manchester

This article could easily have been called, ‘5 best’ or ‘5 cosiest’, both of which would have been perfectly adequate ideas for Finest. That isn’t as much fun though so, I decided to highlight some of the more whimsical places you can get your drink on in Manchester.

1. The Temple


The Temple is a converted public toilet, which is pretty weird when you stand in there and start to think about it (go on, think about it). But don’t let that put you off, there’s loads of Manchester bands on the jukebox and a ton of good beers to be had. It’s a good choice if you’re showing a newcomer around the city.

The Temple

2. Whim Wham Cafe (but sadly not for much longer?)


Remember that program from the 90’s, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart?’ about a man who could travel through time and, yet despite the power to potentially stop WW2, he goes straight to the nearest pub and shags the barmaid? Well, it’s like that, except for 90% of my Goodnight Sweetheart reference in relation to Whim Wham is factually incorrect. It is however, a fun nod to the 40s and pre-war speak-easy style bars and the food is excellent.


3. The Crown and Kettle


Just go in for a pint and look up.

4. The Peveril of the Peak


Weird simply because it sits in between office blocks just off Oxford Road like an old tenant that refuses to move despite the pace of change around it. A pool table that is often free and, it fills the gap between a day time sesh moving from Castlefield into town nicely. I also once saw the violinist Nigel Kennedy absolutely off his head in there. Which was also, weird.

5. The Christmas Markets


You have to admit that drinking ice cold german beer and freezing your arse off whilst a giant Zippy gazes down at you browsing wooden toys is weird. It’s not just me, is it? Okay, that’s that out of the way then. But if you do end up getting dragged there after work just have a hot drink, avoid the hypnotic gaze of the former Rainbow cast member and buy your Mum some soap.




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