Behind Closed Doors: Funk, Soul & Disco Mix

I almost never remember any of the tunes that come on while I'm out, I'm either too busy chatting bubbles or completely fully face first in the carpet babbling and dribbling all over myself.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 8 December 2017

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I always seem to remember whether the whole music set was good though, sort of like an extra sense of whether a DJ is actually decent or just putting on an iTunes playlist and pretending not to play Solitaire.

One place where the tunes have always been impressive, no matter how drunk I’ve been, is Behind Closed Doors on Oldham Street. This subterranean den of booze and sex always seems to have a fantastic disco soundtrack associated with it – sort of like John Travolta in the 70’s but much cooler and without the arse-chin.

We like it so much that we got them to send us a couple of whole 2 hour sets from Friday 3rd November by DJ Russell Marland, perfect for when you’re getting ready to go out, or even a bit of sexy time on a Thursday night in bed.

There’s tunes from the likes of Evelyn King, Beaten Space Probe, Rosemary Martins, Melba Moore, Jones Girls, Orgone, Ingram and more. Enough funk, soul and boogie to keep you going right through to the New Year. Enjoy!

Behind Closed Doors, 91-95 Oldham Street, M4 1LW