Behind the Closed Doors of Manchester's Newest Hidden Bar

Behind Closed Doors is to be a "hidden den of debauchery and indulgence", a new basement cocktail bar offering something that we've not seen in Manchester before.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 15 May 2017

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I usually like to keep my ear pretty close to the ground and take immense pleasure in knowing things before anyone else. Being able to lord over people with my arrogance and knowledge is probably the main reason why many people cannot stand to even speak to me for more than 10 minutes.

I feel rather annoyed now though because there is a place opening up this month in Manchester and it is so hidden that not even I have a clue what is going on and when it’s going to happen. From what I have gleamed though – it sounds great. Here’s what I’ve found out so far….

As I understand it, Behind Closed Doors is to be a “hidden den of debauchery and indulgence”, a new basement cocktail bar offering something that we’ve not seen in Manchester before. From their Instagram (@bcdnq) the bar is conveniently located on Oldham Street and is due to open in May – so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to start downing some magnificent cocktails.

Hidden behind a closed door, once you find it you will need to ring the bell to gain access to what looks to be a sleazy, sexy space jam-packed with cocktails, beers and craft ales, as well as hopefully plenty of fit blokes and lasses looking for a good time and a bit of a dance.

As you descend the stairs you will be greeted by a vintage 70’s inspired interior, complete presumably with loads of crushed velvet but also apparently plenty of screens showing old school porn – or erotica if you’re a little classier than I – probably best to keep your eyes averted from most surfaces if you’re offended by massive 70’s bush.

To complete the sordid experience the toilets will additionally be decked out like a red light district, complete with porn mag cuttings and enough neon to excite even the biggest Band of Gold fan.

I’ve also heard (and this sounds like one of my favourite additions to the whole space) that there are vintage telephones which have been installed, allowing booths to order drinks at the bar and even talk to other booths and perhaps chat each other up?!? Sounds like it would be a lot of fun and as long as someone doesn’t ring me up asking about PPI – I’ll be well happy.

We’re still not sure when the place will be opening but you can keep checking our site and social media for further information and details. It really sounds like it will be a great addition to the NQ scene – which may even manage to be different and special enough to entice even the most hesitant Mancunian.

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