Czech it out - 'Hoptails' come to Cane & Grain

King Midas once made a deal with a beggar man and ended up with a genie lamp. His first wish was to turn everything he touched into gold. Which was a disaster.

By Ben Brown | March 7th '18

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His next wish was to have a 10-foot long Twix - which was much better. His 3rd wish was to be the founder of the Beer Cocktail - something we can all appreciate nowadays. Cheers lad. Hoptails were a big favourite of Midas, who loved popping a bit of wine and a bit of mead into his beer to create a lovely tipple which was perfect for walking around in the olden days, riding around on a sabretooth tiger and fighting pterodactyls. Looking to bring this trend back, Budweiser Budvar invited six of the best bartenders around the UK to create a completely original beer cocktail using Budweiser Budvar. There were no constraints; with only thing uniting them is that they start with a base of a lovely bit of beer. Now the final cocktail is available at Cane & Grain from Thursday 8th March, and it looks like a beauty. Teaming up with Science & Industry's mixologist Jack Barrott, the Czech Mate takes inspiration from a crisp, chilly winter; the tastes and smells, and the feeling of gathering with your mates somewhere cosy. It's smoky, sweet, seductive and spicy, and perfect for a winter's evening. The cocktail looks fantastic, with a mixture of gin, Mancino Rosso, rhubarb and ginger cordial, grilled banana syrup and of course, Budweiser Budvar to top. It's available from Thursday 8th March for a month - so don't bloody miss it! Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA 0161 839 7033