Decks Appeal at Black Dog Ballroom NQ

Thursday is the new Friday, which in 1973 became the new Saturday. Sunday is due to become the new Monday around 2019, while Tuesday will always be shit.

By Ben Brown | 2 November 2017

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To celebrate this well-overdue shuffle of the Gregorian calendar, Black Dog Ballroom NQ have added a new night to their very busy week with Decks Appeal every Thursday.

From 10pm until 4am, legendary DJ Gareth Brooks will be banging out some of the best hip-hop, RnB, disco and reggae to ensure that your Friday will be completely ruined and you’ll be in the pub again by lunch time.


I went to have a chat with Gareth to see what the new night is all about, and what we can expect. As well as heading up the always heaving Saturday night slot in Hula on Stevenson Square, Gareth is looking forward to setting up his decks in Black Dog. “I fancied a bit of a change really. I’ve only played at Black Dog a couple of times, so when the opportunity came up to host Decks Appeal, I jumped at the chance”.

Pushed further on what to expect, Gareth assures me that it’s all about “good music, good food, booze and if you like it, having a good dance.” Sounds good to me, and with a good mix of hip-hop, disco, soul and funk, it might be hard not to have a dance. “Oh and there’s the odd bit of garage too“. Perfect.

Finally, if anyone is interested in what Gareth is listening to at the moment – he says he’s a “big fan of the new Wu-Tang album just now, pretty much had that on repeat for the last couple of weeks” – so you should probably expect a bit of that over the course of your Thursday night.

You can follow Gareth on Twitter right here.

Decks Appeal is on every Thursday at Black Dog Ballroom NQ from 10pm.

Black Dog Ballroom NQ, 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW
0161 839 0664