Free Coffee Day at Roc & Rye

There are some absolutely crazy 'Days' that exist on our calendar, and a quick look through what people have come up with would uncover a Toothache Day (9th Feb), World Goth Day (22nd May) & Robocop Awareness Day (every day) to name a few.

By Ben Brown | 15 September 2017

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Some of them are actually pretty decent though – either highlighting certain diseases or causes or giving particular interests a day in which to shine, before being swiftly forgotten at midnight. There are a few though which are much better than all these – the one’s that let you get stuff for free.

Ben & Jerry started doing a Free Cone Day a few years ago and if I don’t get a free Ice Cream on that day I tend to sulk for a few weeks after. But it is with great pleasure that we can all look forward to Free Coffee Day at Roc & Rye this Monday 18th September – which might not be better than Ice Cream, but it’s pretty damn good!

So tell all your mates – the interesting ones and the boring ones – and head on down to Roc & Rye this Monday for FREE coffee! It’s on all day from 8am- 6pm – just simply drop by and pick up your one free cup of lovely hot stuff, in exchange for a free Roc & Rye loyalty card sign up. Sit in or take out, the choice is totally yours.

Roc & Rye, 60 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 2BQ
0161 414 0057