The Liquor Store Manchester launches naughty new cocktail menu

Hidden Manchester bar, The Liquor Store, has launched a brand new, loud, proud and creative cocktail menu.


Amongst the subtle nods towards American bar culture, The Liquor Store celebrates the cool, cultured and, above all, friendly experience that Manchester has to offer – from explosive flavours to laid-back beers.

Their mission? To capture the spirit that Manchester is famed for – making customers happy by delivering a hedonistic combination of cool music, delightful drinks and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

Inspired by the diverse array of liquor crammed in liquor stores around the States and also a culture that brought us Liam & Noel, Ian Brown, Morrissey the cocktail list at Liquor Store is as cool and credible as you’d expect.

‘You need a little insanity to do great things’. The new cocktails are revolutionary creations by the incorrigible, flamboyant, award winning bartender Danny Bigg-Wither.

Quirky, original, creative but inherently stylish… just like the city itself. Signature, best selling cocktails such as ‘St Hendricks Elderley Rose’ and ‘Sally Cinnamon’ have earned enough credit for a second coming. New additions include: ‘Manchester Mule’ – that will have you licking yourself, it’s that fruity – and ‘Brown Bag Iced Tea’ – served in a classic liquor store brown bag and tastes like American cream soda. One for the sweet tooth is ‘The Blockbuster’ – combining butterscotch, popcorn and ice cream.



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