The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 18th - 25th January 2019

We're back with our weekly scoffings of lovely morsels of food. That diet lasted long didn't it?

By Manchester's Finest | 25 January 2019

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Tuna Sashimi Crisps 
The Ivy Asia
I thought it only fair and right to check out both restaurant offerings at The Ivy, and Asian food is certainly more up my street than what is served downstairs in the Brasserie. The waitress plied us with food and cocktails, so the entire experience is a little bit hazy, but one thing I didn’t forget was the tuna sashimi crisps which were to die for. Fresh raw tuna aloft a black tortilla crisp with avocado and finished with truffle mayo and sesame seeds – these were one of the best canapes I have ever had. – Kate Tighe


The Dodger Dog
Henry C
I’m just going to go out and say it, Henry C’s is probably the finest bar in the whole of Manchester. Their cocktail offering is outrageous and the small, intimate interior is charming to say the least. Henry C’s is home to a delicious selection of grub too, whether it is their home-cured capers, grilled cheese sandwiches or the perfectly formed dodger dog which mustard, pickle relish and crispy shallots on a brioche roll. Honestly, things do not get much better than that. – Joe Wilson


Salmon Rockefella
Harvey Nichols
The new winter menu at Harvey Nichols is absolutely stunning. I went for their Salmon Rockefella, which was served so beautifully and tasted even better. The salmon fillets were cooked to perfection super tender and delicate in the middle and a crispy outside, served with garlic and parsley potato cakes and kale it really couldn’t have got much better. Drizzled over with home made chive oil, everything just melted in my mouth. – Ellie Edginton


From Rusholme with Love
Albatross & Arnold
Whoever came up with the idea for a curry flavoured cocktail is either a certified whacko or an absolute genius. Well, I’m going to put them in the ‘genius’ pile for now because this new drink at Albatross & Arnold is fucking brilliant. It’s pretty impossible to explain just how it tastes, it’s creamy with a slight spicy twang of curry (not unlike the stuff you get from the chippy). It’s excellent – just go try it. – Ben Brown


Bourbon Brisket & Bacon Sub
Cane & Grain
It’s always a toss-up when eating at Cane & Grain between a full rack of ribs or half a rack of ribs and half a roast chicken. Decisions, decisions. Well I couldn’t decide which to have this week for lunch so I instead plumped for something I’d never had before – the Bourbon Brisket & Bacon Sub. It’s available on their £6 Lunch Menu and it’s one of the best butties in the city. And you get chips with it! – Damon Stead


Manchester Union Lager
The Bay Horse Tavern
A brand new tipple, the Manchester Union Lager is certainly well worth a try if you ever find yourself in the Bay Horse in the NQ. I’m pretty sure it’s available in other places around the city too, so if you see it – give it a go. It’s a fizzy lager but it’s got a very distinct (and pleasant) taste to it, which is quite hard to describe really. There’s a hint of honey in there, and a ‘big mouth feel’ which is something to do with the unique way they make it. It’s actually made near Piccadilly train station too so it’s always fresh AF. – Ben Brown