The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 24th - 31st May 2019

It's been a fantastic week for the Finest snufflepigs - we've eaten this fantastic lot...

By Manchester's Finest | 31 May 2019

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Beef Yakinku
Tokyo Ramen
I have this new rule at the moment that I will only eat meat when I am out for dinner. It is going terribly as I actually tend to eat more out than at home these days which means I am eating more red meat than ever. Fuck. All my guilt was quickly dissolved, however, when I sampled the delicious zabuton beef skewers at Tokyo Ramen cooked on charcoal and served black garlic. Jesus, it was good, and a stark reminder of why my new eating regime is fundamentally flawed and never going to work. – Kate Tighe


Strawberry & Aperol Baked Alaska
Albert Schloss
I think the best way you can describe Albert Schloss is ‘extra’. From the theatre and live music, to the drinks, to the interior, everything is just that little bit more extravagant and we all bloody love it. The same can be said for their food, especially their dessert menu. We tucked into the outrageous strawberry and Aperol baked Alaska which was more than enough for three people to share. It was made up from a lovely strawberry and Aperol sorbet on top of a crispy shortbread base which was smothered in Italian meringue and finished off with a blow torch and tart oblongs of rhubarb. It was ridiculous but we sure loved it! – Rikki Chan


Breakfast Bagel
Dog Bowl
I am a man who is unashamed to eat things with my hands. In fact, I prefer it and so when it comes to my food, something that is all-in-one is my preference- like the Dog Bowl Breakfast Bagel stuffed with hash brown, fried egg, bacon, sausage patty and jack cheese. It is great for breakfast and it even comes with a portion of chips to get my greasy mitts stuck into after. I am a big fan.  – James Barker


The Bay Horse Tavern Portobello Road Gin
The Bay Horse Tavern (obviously)
The team at the Bay Horse went down to Portobello the other week and they came back with their very own gin. As a very inquisitive (and annoying) man I ventured down yesterday to see if I could give it a try and see what all the fuss is about. They’ve made it to coincide with their new Gin Garden and it’s been made using Bay Leaves and Hay – because it’s called the Bay Horse – geddit?! Well, it’s bloody gorgeous – so head on down from Thursday 6th to give it a try with some tonic and plenty of ice. – Ben Brown


Bakewell Slice
The Counter House
Finishing off the giant and gorgeous roast dinner from Counter House with my all time favourite dessert, a Bakewell slice, made my Sunday absolutely perfect! The cake was spongy and topped with crunchy and sweet toasted almonds and a sprinkling of icing sugar. I absolutely love the mix of hot and cold on deserts so the touch of strawberries and cream flavoured ice cream on a Bakewell crumb bed with fresh raspberries and nuts was to die for. – Alex Watson 


Margherita Pizza
The ultimate classic, staple diet and pizza de résistance for everyone. Ply have perfected Neopolitan style pizza to wash down with any of their guest tap beers or cocktails. Perfectly charred sourdough base with just the right amount of doughy-ness topped off with a good portion of a semi-soft mozzarella-style cheese, fior di latte, fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. – Ellie Edginton


Odin’s Mead
WOOD Restaurant
This week I had the pleasure of heading over to Bolton (stick with me) to check out The Lancashire Mead Company, a husband and wife team who are bashing out the best mead in the world – made from ALL natural ingredients with none of the usual shite put in it. What you’re left with is one of the best drinks ever – the drink of kings (I’m pretty sure King Arthur was a fan) and something that will get you pretty pissed without any hint of a hangover whatsoever. Wood on First Street have started selling it so get down and give it a try. My favourite was the Odin one but to be fair – they were all fit. – Ben Brown


No. 3 Poutine
I just did a quick Google search of famous Canadians for a ‘the second best thing to come out of Canada blah blah blah’ kind of joke, but it turns out that no Canadians are actually half as good as a bowl of poutine. Chips, cheese and gravy are the basics of poutine, and because we are in the north, these three things make up 78% of our blood. If you want poutine, I would always point you in the direction of Brewski. I went this week and almost ended up in a (totally worth it) food coma from their buttermilk chicken poutine with blue cheese, hot sauce and spring onion. Need I say any more? – Charlotte Warrior