Takk Cafe NQ

The Northern Quarters Icelandic inspired coffee house and creative space on Tariff Street.





Takk has recently become one of my most frequented coffee shop haunts, and I’ve noticed other like minded folk are well on to it aswell with a selection of people I regularly see spending their afternoons on laptops enjoying the coffee and the quiet.

A great space in what is slowly becoming my favourite part of town (the most Easterly point of the Northern Quarter, i.e Tariff Street) the coffee is well on par with the level of quality expected by todays Northern Quarter Coffee Drinker and there’s always a nice selection of sweet stuff to go along with it. Food is simple but effective with a well rounded choice of 4 or 5 well prepared sandwiches aswell as croissants & pastries.

It’d be hard to describe Takk as a good little cafe as it’s pretty big really and they use their space well for creative events, exhibitions and gigs (see vid below).

Owner Philip Hannaway mentioned when it first opened that ‘It’s not a themed coffee bar, but we wanted to capture the spirit of a downtown Reykjavik hang out.’

The Icelandic connection although subtle in the space does give Takk an own-able identity and a point of difference, but my feeling is that it’s the attitude and ideals of a Reykjavik coffee house that have been put into this space, not necessarily the need to go full Norse.




Takk offers all everything you need to see an afternoon away with your laptop, a latte and small glass of water. Free WiFi is a given these days but the recent introduction of stools in the window is a nice place to sit and watch the world go by (whilst also working of course.) The coffee menu includes roasts and guest brews, and there is a decent selection of loose-leaf teas.

Basically go check out Takk over on Tariff Street one afternoon.



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