COMING SOON: A NEW Food Hall comes to Oldham's 'Egyptian Rooms'

Another food hall to look forward to in 2021...

By Ben Brown | 6 April 2021

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Oldham Council have granted permission to create a NEW town centre Food Hall – which will hopefully be open and serving by Christmas 2021.

Last year saw plans unveiled for a dedicated food hall, featuring independent food and drink stalls, head to the basement of the town’s former Grade-II listed Old Town Hall. Named The Egyptian Room, refurbishment works will begin in earnest in June.

The new venue will comprise of six casual dining food and drink concessions, with a central dining space capable of accommodating 200 people. There will also be outdoor seating on the new Parliament Square.

The council are in talks to appoint a single operator to run the whole food court, with the individual concessions within then being granted to independents. Great news there!

Cllr Sean Fielding, leader of Oldham Council and cabinet member for economy and skills, said: “The Egyptian Room will be another fantastic addition to Oldham town centre and will sit perfectly alongside our redeveloped Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre and Tommyfield Market.

“It’s great news and something else for us to look forward to. With many businesses soon to reopen and lots of exciting new additions coming to the town centre, there’s a real buzz about Oldham and its future is looking bright.”