Crazy Pedro's launch 4 Cheese Pizza after a Customer Complaint of Pizzas being "Too Cheesy"

The new July special 'In Cheezus We Crust' comes in response to a crazy complaint...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 12 July 2022

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As someone who, much like the Queen Mother back in the day, NEVER EVER complains about anything – this sort of thing baffles me.

Apparently, a customer at Crazy Pedro’s complained the other week that the pizza was “too cheesy“, so in response – their July special is an epic 4 CHEESE beauty – just to really rub it in.

With Mars bars at the smallest they’ve been in 40 years, Subway sandwiches thinner than ever and I’m positive that Diet Coke has fewer bubbles these days – who in their right mind complains that a pizza has TOO MUCH cheese!?

Anyway, the complaint has created what is a truly spectacular monthly special featuring Pedro’s special Four Cheese Blend, pickles, chilli flakes, dill and a healthy glug of Ranch dressing.

The new pizza is available at all good Pedro’s throughout July – full pizza, slices and Deliveroo.


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