Factory Coffee: The Award-Nominated Kiosk with Take Home Blends, Rum Liqueur and 8am Coffee Raves

It’s not hard to see why the King Street kiosk has been shortlisted in this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Awards!

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 2 September 2022

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Factory Coffee has made quite the name for itself over the past few months. The kiosk that sits on the city’s iconic King Street has hosted everything from 8am raves, saviour affogatos and speciality bakes, seeing huge queues regularly form outside the compact venue.

And if you didn’t already know, the cafe has been nominated for coffee shop of the year at Manchester Food and Drink Awards 2022. There are many reasons why Factory Coffee made the shortlist, from being Molly Mae’s favourite pick me up to serving its own coffee liqueur and a truly unique blend – all of which has been done in just one year! 

The blend itself was one year in the making, and customers can buy the cafe’s signature roast to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Choose from either 1kg of Factory Coffee beans, 260g of Factory Coffee beans, a coffee sample or Factory Coffee’s popular rum liqueur to recreate some banging drinks.

The cafe’s signature blend is well balanced and sweet mix, roasted by the team at North Star Coffee Roasters. It brings together a mix of components from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (in the Cerrado), the Jinotega region in northern Nicaragua and the birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia. It is smooth and rounded with notes of toasted nuts, caramel, stone fruit and milk chocolate.

Owner, Adam was inspired to create the blend after his trips to New York and Amsterdam, where coffee culture is King. With incredible flavours at the forefront, it’s not hard to see why Factory Coffee has been nominated for the ‘Coffee Shop of the Year’ award at this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

The nomination comes after a successful first year, as the cafe has rightfully become one of the most popular spots in Manchester, settling into the space by collaborating with huge names such as The London Coffee and New York Coffee Festivals, as well as speaking on trending podcasts and entering into a variety of awards. 

From feel-good breakfast brioche buns to outrageously tasty chocolate fudge sandwiches, Factory Coffee’s cake counter is packed with bakes made daily from its micro bakers; Factory Bake, DGHNT and The Flat Baker.

The coffee kiosk also sits alongside Dooley & Rostron, a gentlemen’s outfitters and tailors with a state of the art factory underneath their store where they make their bespoke garments. 

You can purchase the cafe’s own blends and nominate Factory for Coffee Shop of the Year via the links below. 


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