Farm to Fork: The Cottonopolis Wagyu Journey

That's it. The secret is out. If you're looking for the best beef in the world - it's got to be Wagyu.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 28 November 2018

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Hailing all the way from Japan, don’t worry too much – you don’t need to be booking yourself a ticket to Kobe any time soon to get your fill of one of these succulent steaks…

Cottonopolis, nestled right in the heart of the Northern Quarter, is a definitive Finest – a place that takes their Japanese influences seriously as Head Chef Joe Grant endeavours for complete authenticity in all directions.

Wagyu Beef is a heavy feature on the menu. Wagyu refers to the beef from a specific breed of cow native to Japan which is widely considered to be the best in the world.

The meat takes its flavour from its intricate marbling of fat, which melts during cooking and tenderises the flesh. To say Wagyu melts in the mouth would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The other thing Wagyu is famous for, other than its intense flavour and buttery texture, is its price tag. But there is a good reason. Wagyu cattle are extremely well looked after and are fed a natural foraged diet, are kept alive up to three times longer than commercial cattle and are totally free-range.

This means they live longer, happier lives – contributing to both the quality and the price of the meat. Many argue that as we become more switched on to what we are eating, as well as the growing awareness of animal welfare, Wagyu is the way forward.

It can be a bit of a struggle finding a specific breed of Japanese cow in Manchester though, and instead of buying Daisy and her mates a couple of first-class Virgin tickets, Cottonopolis instead headed to Warrendale Wagyu in East Yorkshire, proud breeders of Wagyu cattle.

We were lucky enough to be invited down to learn all about it from the people themselves which you can watch in the video above.

The buzzword in the food world right now would have to be ‘locally’, and so I take my hat off to Cottonopolis on managing to stay true to their Japanese core whilst too staying mindful about using British produce.

The ‘farm to fork’ ethos of Cottonopolis is something we really love, and it is nice tucking into one of their stunning Wagyu dishes knowing exactly where it came from.

You can find an array of Wagyu steaks on the Cottonopolis menu, but the real star would be Wagyu Beef Roast Dinner which will launch on 14th October 2018. I would get to it and book yourself a table for the best beef experience you will ever have.

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