Firehouse-Flamed Chicken, Blood Orange Moonshine & The Best Things We Ate & Drank Last Week

Also including tandoori lamb chops, whiskey salmon gravadlax and more...

By Manchester's Finest | 3 August 2021

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Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash
Ezra & Gil
A new month means new specials at Ezra & Gil and they’ve really out done themselves this time with a banging Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash. I personally think that the humble ‘hash’ doesn’t get anywhere near enough love over here in the UK, and when I do see it on a menu I will invariably go for it out of sheer determination (and a tiny bit of nostalgia). This one is outstanding – with the spicy chorizo working perfect alongside the sweetness of the potatoes. Break that yolk, mix it all up and enjoy.


Orange & Whisky Salmon Gravadlax
The Marble Arch
You probably wouldn’t ever expect to see a Swedish dish like this in a classic Manchester boozer, but I suppose that’s where the Marble Arch likes to stake it’s claim as a bit different, and certainly a must-visit food destination. The menu is full of similar deft touches, from Nori Tempura, to Peri-peri Crispy Squid, alongside Thai Spiced Tofu Salad, Panko Fried Chicken and a few pub classics (Fish & Chips, Steak & Ale Pie) just to get things back to normal.


Tandoori Lamb Chops
Delhi House Café
A firm favourite on the eclectic Delhi House Café menu, the Lamb Chops are a true delight – cooked and charred to perfection inside their old-school tandoori oven, after being marinated in their secret ‘gunpowder’ blend of spices. They come with a tangy beetroot chutney and apple slaw – and they’re juicy, tender and full of flavour. Banging.


Elnecot Breakfast Sandwich
A monster of a butty, this Breakfast Sandwich has everything you could ever desire for your first meal of the day, including Grandad’s Sausages, streaky bacon, Bury black pudding, hash brown, fried egg and ‘Owd Yonner cheese. They then smother it in Elnecot Chilli Jam (and ketchup if that takes your fancy). We also had the Crispy Pork Belly too – easily one of the city’s greatest stand-out brunch dishes.


Deli Plate
Harvey Nichols Second Floor Deli Bar
It’s proper nice up on the Second Floor of Harvey Nichols, not only is there a brilliant shop with some mad food and groceries from around the world, but there’s also a MASSIVE booze and wine shop, and now a little Deli Bar – where you can sit down and eat some cheeses and meats and watch the world go by through the huge windows. We absolutely loved the Deli Plate (£22), which is enough to feed 2 hungry sods and comes with three cheese, three meats and all the trimmings.


Blood Orange Moonshine
O’Donnell Moonshine
I remember the few odd times that my mam brought back some blood oranges from the supermarket and it being the absolute best ever. I’m not usually one for fruit, preferring instead to scoff 4 Penguin bars before crawling up the curtains, but there’s just something about blood oranges that seem a bit special and exotic. They taste great too – clearly superior to their orange cousins. This new summer moonshine by O’Donnells is an absolute corker – so good that you can sip it neat with a smile on your face.


Unlimited Cheese & Wine
Northern Lights
The Ancoats’ plant and homewares shop are putting on a night of unlimited cheese and wine with a side of spoken word this Thursday 19th August, and (naturally) we popped down to have ourselves a bit of something. The cheese will be curated and provided by the excellent Crafty Cheese Man, whilst baked goods will be from the nearby Companio Bakery. It’ll be unlimited on the night for just £30, and a fella called Nathan Parker will be providing some words and entertainment too.


Firehouse Chicken
The Firehouse
Heading down to check out the new Firehouse at Ramona last Thursday, we were lucky enough to tuck into their outstanding slow-fired chicken; farm-reared, grain-fed and field-grazed – the tender AF meat is cooked over a naked flame and they guarantee “it’s the best chicken you can eat”. It was absolutely sublime.