Fish is the Dish of the Day at Brasserie Abode

It’s Friday, and the little Catholic girl that sits deep in the recesses of my soul is craving fish.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 23 July 2018

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Now, I have lots of choices here in Manchester, but only one of them is within a stone’s throw of the Finest office, and luckily for me, they have one arguably the best selections of fish in town…

The Brasserie Abode menu is extensive anyway, so when it comes to fish, there are plenty of options. Starting with the starters, a few highlights would be the Smoked Haddock Scotch Egg and the Tuna Tartare.

The former is practically famous here in Manchester and consist of a soft boiled egg, wrapped in a beautifully seasoned layer of smoked haddock which is breaded and deep fried. The dish sits in a beautiful crab bisque too which acts as the perfect sauce to a pescatarian twist on a classic.

The latter is delicious too, but you should be warned it is completely raw. Uncooked fish is never a bad thing in my books, so I cannot get enough of this beautifully light, fresh, starter. Yellowfin tuna paired with white radish, shallots and spiced avocado- this dish is summer on a plate.

Brasserie Abode has a separate ‘Crustatea’ menu for the shellfish on the menu. Here you will find the fantastic Devon Crab Cocktail, which is light, flavoursome and a great way to start of a meal. The real star of this section, however, is the oysters.

For £16 you can enjoy Half a Dozen Raw Rock Oysters served traditionally over ice which is just gasping to be paired with a glass or two of champagne. You can also enjoy their Oyster Beignet where the oysters are lightly fried and topped with lime mayonnaise, coriander and chilli- and yeah, they are just as delicious as they sound.

When the main courses come around, I would look out for the Moules-Frites at lunchtime- if you are wearing your best stripped t-shirt and feeling sophisticated. But if you want something with a little more finesse, look no further than the Roasted Chalk Stream Sea Trout. This dish is utterly sublime and comes with asparagus and grapefruit hollandaise- a modern take on a time-old classic combination.

I’ve just picked out the best bits here- but there is plenty more fish on the menu. It doesn’t matter if you want to get your paws stuck into some Garlic & Chilli Prawns, or enjoy a comforting Beer Battered Fish & Chips– there is all the fish you could possibly dream of at Brasserie Abode, and everything in between.

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