How Flight Club has brought darts into the 21st Century

They've revolutionised the traditional pub game making it more enjoyable, more exciting and more interactive.

By Ben Brown | 9 August 2019

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Flight Club like to project themselves as ‘Social Darts‘ – but what does that even mean? Well, it’s like normal pub darts but SO much better.

The team behind it has dragged darts into the 21st Century with automated scoring, action replays and some pretty impressive computing power. They’ve also created 5 games offering new ways to play…

Probably the most ‘traditional’ of games at Flight Club, Demolition involves you getting as many points as possible to ‘demolish’ your tower of little diamonds. You can throw the dart anywhere on the board but of course, the higher the number – the better you’re going to do (duh!). The twist comes at the end where you are required to finish on exactly ‘0’ – otherwise you’ll go BUST and have to try again.
BB Super Darts Tip – Throw the little dart thing in your hand towards the section of the board opposite which says ’20’


This is your chance to really stitch your mates up and proper pick on someone you perhaps don’t like in the group. Each player is allocated a number on the board (usually dotted all around the place). You then need to throw the dart at your given number. Easy?! Yeah sure. BUT, when one player manages to hit their number 3 times they become a KILLER and have the ability to throw the dart at another player’s number and take points off them. Do this enough and you knock the player out and they’ll probably cry.
BB Super Darts Tip – Aim your dart at the number of the friend you like the least and keep going and going until they never speak to you again.


I’m not sure what this has to do with China but I don’t suppose it matters. This game is really rather simple but really rather hard too. It’s a take on the famous ‘Around the World’ game that one could play at a normal dart board in a normal pub – where you have to get the dart into the allocated number on screen. The more accurate you are – the more points you get!
BB Super Darts Tip – If you drink lots of Prosecco and get drunk – your aim is guaranteed to get 67% better.


Quack Shot
This fun game can be quite confusing if you don’t pay attention to the rules so listen up bozo! The board is divided into sections – with point scoring bits in the middle and point deducting bits on the outside. Basically the idea is to knock down each duck by hitting the bullseye – hit it 3 times and you’ve won. You will also score points if your dart enters the area inside of the treble ring. If you hit the board on the outside of the treble ring – you’ll get points taken off you. Boo!
BB Super Darts Tip – Just as someone is about the throw a dart, cough really loudly so they miss the spot.


Snakes & Ladders
Remember when you were a kid and you were playing Snakes & Ladders and you’d end up sliding down a HUGE snake so you’d flip the board over and run upstairs crying? Well, you can’t flip the table this time. The way you play it is exactly the same as the traditional board game, but the darts you throw act as the dice. Very simple and a lot of fun.
BB Super Darts Tip – Be VERY careful towards the top of the board – it gets dangerous up there.


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